10 Search Engine Marketing Statistics for B2B Marketers to Begin 2011

The new year is upon us and is looking to take off like a rocket ship. As B2B marketers begin to lay the groundwork for their 2011 initiatives, keep these 10 important statistics and metrics, specific to search engine marketing, in mind for the new year.

Happy New Year from KoMarketing Associates!

  1. The Value of Google Result Positioning
    The top spot drove 34.35% of all traffic in one sample, almost as much as the numbers 2 through 5 slots combined, and more than the numbers 5 through 20 (the end of page 2) put together. [Source]
  2. Google’s Search Share
    In November, Google accounted for more than two-thirds – 66.2 percent – of organic searches in North America [Source]
  3. The Runner Up
    Regardless, it is worth pointing out that the combined search share of Yahoo! and Bing now accounts for as much as 28.2 percent of organic searches in that same period. Remember that Bing is now powering all Yahoo! search results in the US and Canada [Source]
  4. PPC as Sales Gateway
    Among 473 companies surveyed in the DMA’s 2010 Response Rate Trend Report, paid search had an average cost per click of $3.79, with a 3.81 percent conversion rate. [Source]
  5. Using Organic Search for Research
    57 percent of respondents to the E-Tailing Group survey started their research on a product or service with a search query. [Source]
  6. The Adoption of Earned Media
    Nearly three-quarters of US companies with a social media strategy used earned media (content that will naturally attract consumers) in their campaigns, making it the most common type of content used, according to a June 2010 study by King Fish Media, HubSpot and Junta42. [Source]
  7. The Growth of Mobile Search Activity
    Based on the trends, Performics projects that mobile search clicks could be greater than 16% of all Google search clicks (mobile + desktop) by the end of 2011. [Source]
  8. Web Searcher Tenacity
    According to the new Performics 2010 Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Insights Study, conducted by ROI Research, 89% will modify their search and try again if at first they don’t succeed, 79% will try a different search engine [Source]
  9. The Speed of Google Instant Previews
    With Instant Previews, Google matches a search query with an index of the entire web, identifies the relevant parts of each web page, stitches them together and serves the resulting preview completely customized to a search—usually in under one-tenth of a second. [Source]
  10. Power of a Facebook Referral
    Nearly 70 percent of consumers said a positive referral from a “friend” on Facebook would positively influence their purchase decision. [Source]

We’re hoping you find these search engine marketing statistics valuable, and please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions, in the comments below. Let us know what we’ve overlooked too. Happy New Year and best of luck in all of your B2B search engine marketing initiatives (and B2B marketing initiatives in general) in 2011!

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