27 B2B Marketing Measurement Reports in Google Analytics

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Google Analytics has over 100 different reports available out-of-the-box. Some reports require additional configuration, such as Events, Ecommerce, or Goals, but a majority of the reports will begin showing collected data on your site visitors and marketing behaviors immediately.

For B2B marketing measurement, only about 25 percent of these reports will hold valuable insights into the effectiveness of your marketing programs. That’s why I’ve pulled together this collection of 27 Google Analytics reports that are sure to provide value to B2B marketers.

Follow along! This list is structured to work progressively down the left-hand navigation within Google Analytics.


Audience reports in Google Analytics provide B2B marketers with more information about relevant characteristics of their users. For example, marketers can determine if they are achieving geographic coverage for primary and expanding markets.

GA Audience Report with May Overlay

  1. Geo >> Location

    Pro Tip: Available for the United States and Canada is a Primary Dimension named Metro. This is based on DMA (Designated Market Area) and allows for the easy aggregation of city-level data.

  2. Behavior >> New vs. Returning
  3. Behavior >> Frequency & Recency >> Count of Sessions

    Pro Tip: Count of Sessions helps to breakdown the New vs. Returning Users to further understand exactly how many times your Users are coming back. For B2B service providers with login through your site, you will want to create a specific View that excludes your login Users from reporting to increase accuracy of marketing performance.

  4. Technology >> Network

    Pro Tip: As digital ABM continues to grow for B2B marketers, you may find some hidden gems in this report based on the ISP/NSP used by visitors. There are many medium to large organizations that run their own named network and by adding a Secondary Dimension of City you can verify you are hitting the right targets. For example, a visitor from the Microsoft network in the city of Redmond is a greater chance of being an employee of Microsoft.

  5. Technology >> Network >> Hostname (Primary Dimension)

    Pro Tip: Most B2B marketing organizations are using landing page technology that often lives on a separate sub-domain; i.e. info.site.com or resources.site.com. Applying the Hostname Primary Dimension to the Network report allows you to split out your landing page traffic.

  6. Mobile >> Overview


Acquisition reports in Google Analytics provide B2B marketers with more information about the marketing channels and campaigns driving traffic to your site.

GA Channels Report with Pie Chart

  1. Traffic >> Channels

    Pro Tip: Ensure User attribution to Channels is correct by tagging campaigns with Google’s Default Channel Definitions for Source and Medium.

  2. AdWords

    Pro Tip: Enable this feature to consolidate Google AdWords performance data to a centralized reporting platform.

  3. Search Console

    Pro Tip: Enable this feature to consolidate Google Search Console (Google Organic Search) performance data to a centralized reporting platform.

GA Social Media Traffic Report

  1. Social >> Network Referrals
  2. Social >> Landing Pages
  3. Social >> Conversion

    Pro Tip: Prove that Social is working for more than just engaging your audience but also driving Users that convert on site.

  4. Campaigns >> All Campaign


Behavior reports in Google Analytics provide B2B marketers with more information about what visitors are doing on site from content consumption to engagement with CTAs.

GA Navigation Summary Page Path Report

  1. Site Content >> All Pages
  2. Site Content >> All Pages >> Navigation Summary

    Pro Tip: Google Analytics does not do full Session page path analysis; however, it can give you three pages at a time in this Previous > Current > Next page viewed report format. From there, B2B marketers can piece together a few key steps and identify high value site content paths.

  3. Site Content >> Landing Pages
  4. Site Content >> Exit Pages

    Pro Tip: Use this report to reduce User loss from low value or poor performing pages.

  5. Site Search >> Search Terms

    Pro Tip: Use captured queries to help influence potential site architecture updates for difficult to find content or identify new content opportunities.

GA Event Reporting for Video Plays

  1. Events >> Top Events


Conversion reports in Google Analytics provide B2B marketers with more information about KPI completions and contributing channels and content.

  1. Goals >> Overview

    Pro Tip: Convert Events into Goals so they can not only appear in Goals reporting but also automatically in many other reports in GA.

  2. Goals -> URLs

GA Reverse Goal Path Report

  1. Goals >> Reverse Goal Path

    Pro Tip: Step 1 before conversion can often times be a form page so really you have two other pages to analyze to find high value content that lead to conversions.

  2. Goals >> Funnel Visualization

    Pro Tip: Do not include your “thank you” page as the final step in the Funnel definition, this is automatically added by Google Analytics.

GA Multi-Channel Funnels Top Conversion Paths

  1. Multi-Channel Funnels -> Assisted Conversions
  2. Multi-Channel Funnels -> Top Conversion Paths
  3. Multi-Channel Funnels -> Time Lag
  4. Multi-Channel Funnels -> Path Length

    Pro Tip: Multi-Channel Funnels reports are critical to B2B marketing measurement in Google Analytics. With long research timelines for prospects and multiple digital touchpoints, these reports allow you to see all of the conversion contributing marketing channels and content.

The above list of reports provides day-in and day-out value for B2B marketing measurement. But, don’t stop with just these, explore Google Analytics and learn the many other reports that the platform has to offer.

Also, share with us your favorite Google Analytics reports. Which do you use on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to prove the value of your marketing programs?

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