Always Be Linking: 8 Places B2B Marketers Might Miss Link Opportunities

Link building is not something the traditional B2B marketer thinks about on an everyday basis. While they realize the importance of links for search engine optimization, our experience has shown that link building does not often stay top of mind with everything else in a marketer’s day that can be pressing for attention.

Here are eight places in traditional marketing campaigns where we tend to find B2B marketers forgetting to either add or emphasize inbound links for their websites. With a little more attention, links built in these locations can add incremental value to a search engine optimization campaign over time.

  • Company Assets – if you’re website is part of a larger organization or network of related companies, look for places within the organization and network’s portfolio of website properties to find places to obtain links and references.
  • Strategic Partners – make sure to leverage the ability to gain link references in the websites of your strategic partners, making every attempt to customize these links with priority keywords through your organizations description as well.
  • Media-Related Websites – descriptions in multimedia and file upload for social sites like YouTube and Slideshare can be leveraged for placing an inbound. In addition to the description of the media file, add a call-to-action to the main website, blog, or an applicable interior web page as well.
  • LinkedIn Profiles – don’t forget to add up to three links within your profile page. Use the “Other” selection of the “Websites” dropdown menu to customize the text of the link.
  • Articles & Bylines – while not every publisher will allow the link within main copy, make sure to ask and/or integrate your website and hyperlink in the author bio that usually accompanies the information.
  • Conferences and Trade Shows – in addition to links that can be requested through sponsorships or speaker bios, search for conference community sections where it might be possible to add links through event profiles or online networking opportunities.
  • Community Events – if a description can be added to a profile or announcement, look for an opportunity to add a website reference as well.
  • Press releases – if you are paying to syndicate your press release through a wire service, spend the extra money to add a couple deep links into the body of the press release as well. Make sure use the “http://” ahead of domain references, in an effort to catch places that automatically generate links on the page as a result of the http syntax.

What About NoFollow?

“Nofollow” is an instruction, written in the HTML code, which tells search engines not to influence the link target’s ranking in search engines. Many social media sites in particular, automatically include a “nofollow” when a link is generated. This is in part to discourage spam and short-sighted link building tactics.

Even though a website institutes the nofollow function it does not necessarily mean marketers should ignore link building opportunities. Beyond SEO, links to an organizations website may be beneficial for conversion opportunities and to help visitors find more relevant, and related, information.

The B2B marketer has a lot on their plate.

Search engine optimization and link building are components of an entire internet marketing strategy, and while important, are not always at the top of the priority list.

That said, taking a little extra time to consider link opportunities, while working on traditional marketing initiatives, can go a long way to building your SEO presence over the long run. Hopefully you find these ideas valuable and we welcome additional thoughts and considerations through comment option below.

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