8 More Compelling Infographics About Content Marketing

Content marketing is argued to be the “heartbeat” of many companies’ marketing efforts, without original intriguing content it is difficult for successful efforts to be delivered by a brand. There are many content marketing related infographics available to aid the understanding of its importance for today’s marketer.

Not only can an infographic explain the value of content marketing, but also illustrate tactical recommendations associated to the B2B marketers’ strategy with content development initiatives.

The following is a small compilation of graphics including insight into testing and building successful content, as well as some startling statistics related to content marketing initiatives. Feel free to use the list below to jump to various infographics of interest and make sure to check out our original compilation of content marketing infographics as well.

Understanding the Content Marketing Explosion

There’s no denying the rise of content marketing, and its emergence into the spotlight as a tactic that delivers results. Even major corporations like Coca-Cola are betting on an integrated content strategy. In order to illustrate this growth in content marketing, the team at BlueGlass created the following graphic.

The Anatomy of Content Marketing: The Heart of Online Success

Content marketing is a way of creating and sharing content to promote ideas, engage targeted audiences and encourage them to take action. Just as the heart powers the body, content powers online marketing success.

How Do Colors Affect Purchases?

There are many factors that influence how and what consumers buy. However, a great deal is decided by visual cues, the strongest and most persuasive being color. To learn more about color psychology and how it influences purchases, Kissmetric put together the following infographic.

Slideshare: The Quiet Giant of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing technique that involves the creation or sharing of content for the purpose of engaging customers. Column Five Media’s infographic takes a deeper look at Slideshare, to see how they’re become the quiet giant of content marketing.

The Complete Guide to Successful Landing Pages

Pardot assembled a collection of landing page-specific posts and other resources into a comprehensive infographic to help you create a landing page that will take your lead generation to the next level.

Website Testing: Move Beyond the Landing Page

Smart marketers understand the value of testing. In a relatively short period of time, website testing has evolved from changing the color of a “submit” button to building intricate multi-page testing campaigns, with the ultimate goal of delivering an engaging online experience to customers.

22 Ways to Create Compelling Content When You Don’t Have a Clue

This infographic demonstrates how to repurpose existing content in a different media format, get more bang from your archives, and reach new and different audiences in the process.

The History of Content Marketing | Corporate Storytelling is Not New

From John Deere to Coca-Cola, the power of story has never been stronger, or more important for brands and its customers. Brands have been telling stories to attract and retain customers for hundreds of years. The difference today is that the barriers to entry (content acceptance, talent and technology) no longer exist for brands to get into the publishing arena.

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