9 New & Fantastic Search Engine Marketing Infographics

Have infographics jumped the shark? While the popularity of infographics have certainly brought new players and in some respects, diluted overall quality, a well done visualization can still be incredibly powerful for brand awareness, traffic, and link building.

We are still seeing effective infographics drive thousands of new visitors, hundreds of links, and getting opportunities to network with influential site owners in our clients respective industries.

The search engine marketing industry is no exception. While certainly biased I feel professionals in our industry put together some of the most creative infographics, that tackle compelling concepts and reach out across social networks for maximum visibility.

A few months ago I posted a collection of SEO visualizations and infographics from around the industry. The SEO/SEM community has certainly been busy and an updated collection was warranted. Hopefully you agree and enjoy!

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The Evolution of Making Page 1

The SEO factors that help win the page 1 crown have certainly changed over the years in the ongoing battle to improve quality and relevance in organic search. This infographic takes a look at how SEO tactics and strategies have evolved, and how search engines have made their algorithms more sophisticated in response.

SEO Salary Guide For Top 20 U.S. Markets

The demand for SEO professionals continues to rise across the country and this infographic offers a look at what cities have the highest volume of SEO jobs, which job titles are in the highest demand, and what the earning potential is for each segment.

SEO Salary Guide For Top 20 U.S. Markets
Source: Onward Search

What Is Google AdWords? How the AdWords Auction Works

From the team at WordStream, a nice visualization on how the AdWords auction works. In other words, there is more to this than just inputting the credit card, selecting a few keywords, and putting in your daily spend limit (although Google would like you to think otherwise)

What is Google AdWords
© 2011 WordStream – Certified AdWords Partner

The Authority Building Machine

This Internet marketing infographic guides you through the key tactics that can be used to build authority for your website. While not explicitly SEO related, these tactics fall into three major categories that facilitate SEO visibility: link building, social media marketing and content marketing.

Google – Under the Hood

SEO is not easy. This infographic helps illustrate why it is important to understand and know a lot about Google, in order to be good at search engine optimization.

How to Build Links

Link building is a critical part of an organizations internet marketing efforts. Link building efforts need to look natural, add value to the web and incorporate a social element to succeed. In addition, several tactics, strategies, and sources for link information gathering need to be considered in the SEO link building process.

How to Build Links
Source: HUA Marketing

Google Longtail Keywords Infographic

A visual look at Google’s move to consolidate search volume against fewer keywords (which are easier to match ads against) and insert their own vertical listings in search result pages. The result is that the longtail has become far less profitable for many publishers.

Why Is Content Good for SEO?

Obvious in many respects but often underestimated when making long-term projections. Why Content For SEO, explores how content is key to search engine visibility.

Why is Content Good for SEO?
Source: Brafton

SEO Software Survey 2011

Skyrocket SEO surveyed 420 participants within the SEO community, from a variety of countries, to get a clearer picture of the worldwide market.

SEO Software Survey 2011
Source: Skyrocket SEO

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