Your Feedback is Needed! This Year’s B2B Website Usability Survey

Earlier this year, we released findings from a survey we ran in conjunction with Dianna Huff, asking B2B buyers about the role vendor websites play in the B2B buying process. We’d seen many reports on how B2B buyers find information online and what tactics B2B marketers were using to reach target audiences, but we couldn’t find anything of significance when it came to the buying experience once that buyer actually got to the vendor website.

While there were certainly results that reaffirmed recommendations we’ve made consistently throughout the years, several came as a surprise as well.

The 2014-2015 Survey is Here!

We’re excited to relaunch the B2B Website Usability Survey, with a revised set of questions based on what we learned last year through analysis and feedback from respondents.

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Here are a few of the key takeaways from last year’s findings.

  • First, B2B buyers need pricing and marketing collateral and they expect to qualify their vendors in a straight-forward process. When the B2B buyer reaches a vendor website, they expect a clear line of sight to Products / Services pages, augmented by technical information, case studies, and most importantly, pricing information.Key Takeaway #1: B2B buyers need pricing and marketing collateral
  • Second, B2B vendors lack critical content marketing assets designed to support the buying process. Survey respondents indicated that vendor websites lacked key content marketing assets which influence the buying process, like “case studies, white papers and articles,” “pricing” and “product reviews.”Key Takeaway #2: B2B vendors lack critical content marketing assets
  • Third and finally, as heavy as we recommend, integrate, and execute social media campaigns ourselves, we were surprised to learn that social media’s impact on the buying process appears minimal. Once B2B buyers get to the vendor website, social media plays much less of a role in validating the buying decision.Key Takeaway #3: Social media activity has less of an minimal impact in the buyer decisioning process

This time around, we not only plan to compare and contrast responses between surveys but also look a little more specifically at the role of social media, blogging, and mobile device adoption impacts and adds credibility to the buying process. We have also refined and updated our listings of website elements and content marketing assets important when making a vendor selection — and which annoy the heck out of you.

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This survey will only take 10 minutes or so to complete. We know you’re busy, and appreciate you taking the time. At the end of the survey, you will have the option to give us your email in order to receive a copy of the report — and to win one of five $100 AMEX gift cards.

Take The B2B Website Usability Survey

Interested in looking back at last year’s report? Here it is! The 32-page report features seven key research findings, 17 data charts, and 20 key-takeaways on how to improve your vendor website.

Also, please check out some of the related posts and mentions that highlight findings and information from the report.

Lastly, please add any questions or thoughts via comments below, through Twitter, or contact us directly if you want to discuss in detail.

Thank you for your time in review!

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