Say Goodbye to Bad Form Confirmation Pages

While lead generation is the critical objective, B2B marketers need to take advantage of every opportunity to gain user interaction. It is not uncommon to focus so much on optimizing landing pages for the conversion that the confirmation page becomes an afterthought.

In many cases, the user will get a simple “Thank You” and a whole lot of white space below the message (or worse, a broken page because the confirmation page had not been updated or tested).

The confirmation page does not have to be an exit page.

Just because a visitor fills out a form does not necessarily mean they’re finished learning about the company or the company’s experience. The fact that they filled out a form infers that they are already interested (in some capacity). Give them a reason to stay, learn more, and possibly interact.

Screenshot of KoMarketing’s confirmation page:
Confirmation Page Example

  • For General Contact Forms – Consider adding cross-links on the confirmation page to case studies, white papers, free research, and product information.
  • For Download Requests (White Paper Submissions, etc) – Add links to related product marketing collateral, case studies, etc.
  • In all cases, we recommend adding cross-links to social media profiles, blog and company-specific RSS feeds, and newsletter subscriptions.
  • Finally, change the confirmation message on a semi-regular basis, layering in information on upcoming events (webinars, conferences, etc), promotions, and new content marketing assets.

Don’t let the confirmation page become just a “Goodbye” to your visitors. Give them a reason to stay on the site or learn more about the organization by providing additional content and resources that they may find of value.

Have you seen interesting examples or ideas? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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