4 Ways B2B Marketers Can Grow Their Retargeting List Size

Retargeting (also called remarketing) is the act of serving display advertisements to users who have viewed specific pages on your web site as they browse other sites across display networks on the web.  It is an extremely effective and valuable method for interacting with your customer base.

So why aren’t more B2B advertisers utilizing it?

Problem: You are a specialized consulting firm and your site only averages about 10,000 unique visitors every month.

Obviously these are very valuable page views but it’s hard to get excited about spending 20 dollars a week on remarketing ads, nor is it easy to justify the time and resources that go into creating pages, developing ad creative, and managing the process.

What can you do to increase your list size and get management on board with retargeting?

1) Don’t Be Afraid to Get Away from Google

Google shares its inventory with the Display network.  By using a third-party vendor like Retargeter or Fetchback you are likely to get a larger scope and variety of sites within their display network.

What it means for B2B: You get more ad views across a  more qualified list of sites (i.e., places that your errant C-level exec might actually be searching in the middle of the night: business blogs, periodicals, and specialized forums). In other words, all places where the Google Display network sorely lacks a presence.

2) Retarget Your Fans

Thanks to the iFrame, we can post pretty much anything we want to on a Facebook page, including, in most cases, a retargeting pixel. Leverage Facebook specific ads and offers to your fans. Usually marketers have a difficult time getting users away from Facebook and to a web site, but this is much less true for the B2B space. A unique piece of content or reminder

What it means for B2B: People tend to log onto Facebook and get “stuck,” meaning they have a difficult time logging off.  Retargeting solves this problem by ‘following’ them as they browse other sites.  They may be reading a movie review or an article, your retargeted ads will serve those ever important reminders no matter where their interests lie.

3) Leverage Your Newsletter

E-mail communication is a major part of the nurturing cycle for most B2B companies. By placing your retargeting pixel on your newsletter, you can ensure that anyone opening your email becomes part of your retargeting list.

What it means for B2B: With open rates that average around 15 to 20% for most B2B companies, email is a very powerful way to nurture leads and communicate. People often open and browse the newsletter without really dissecting the information or clicking through to the site. By adding in your retargeting pixel you can add in stronger lures and ads on sites all around the internet.

4) Focus on the ROI

Remember that your typical B2B sales cycle takes months to close.  You are interacting with potentially super high value prospects. Maybe you are only allocating a small amount of your advertising dollars to the effort, but anytime you can turn a lead into an opportunity or further qualify a prospect, it tends to be a large win and something worth getting excited over.

What it means for B2B: B2B decision makers are sort of like Bigfoot: Supposedly they are out there and everybody has seen them but no one has any proof or way to find them. Assuming your content strategy is sound and you have compelling ways to get people to your site, you owe it yourself to utilize every method possible to remind visitors about you and your services, and to inform them about the new offers, papers, and content.

We are all busy and becoming more and more blind to the numerous advertisements we are served across the web.  This is why the insistence and relevance behind retargeting makes so much sense.  In the B2B space, we tend to overlook its effect because of relatively small audience sizes and a perceived lack of impact.  These tips will help you grow your reach and access users all across your many communications platforms.  Check in for my update where I give some additional tips as to how you squeeze more value about of your new, larger audience.

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