Beating the Penguin Update with Google Insights

Google PenguinMany website owners have learned valuable lessons from Google’s latest algorithm change: The Penguin Update. The Penguin update has been a nightmare for many owners of affiliate websites who have not followed Google’s best practices. Google’s recent update is one that has been long awaited, and for good reason. With SEO becoming more and more challenging, we should continue to give Google what it wants, and it should come in the form of useful information that users may be searching for (i.e., infographics, visuals, data sharing).  A great way to build this resourceful asset is by using Google Insights.

Using Google Insights helps us learn how to attack trends that are rising in Google search. By using a Google created tool, you are certain to abide by their rules and best practices.

How to Use Google Insights for Search

With Google Insights you can determine which keywords should be targeted by your company. For instance, if you or your client owns a golf website, I would recommend performing searches around golf equipment, tournaments, and other golf events.

How to Use Google Insights

The purpose of this tool is to target visitors who are interested in golf, as well as those who would like to stay updated about what’s happening within the industry. The ultimate goal is to turn these visitors into conversions. The Google insights tool gives you the ability to search on a topic and set parameters around the term. Here, you can perform broad searches and/or narrow your search to specific cities and towns all over the world (e.g., in the screenshot above, you could perform a search on keyword volume within the last 7 days or, conversely, dating all the way back to 2004).

google insights search

Spotting Trends in Rising Search

The benefit of creating valuable information around a trending search topic such as “greebbriar golf” is that you might be able to beat out your competition on this particular set of keywords. Writing a recap of what happened during this event might, for example, be a great way to be found in search results for these keywords.

Keep in mind that the Google Keyword Tool can help you uncover more variations of this keyword (i.e., the greenbrier classic, the greenbrier west virginia, greenbrier resort bunker, greenbrier golf course), which may offer you the chance to target related keywords that have lower competition.

With the Penguin Update devalueluing many links in the Google index, thinking through the types of topics users may be searching for can attract more quality links. In other words, if you are one of the first sources to write about a specific topic, you can become a reputable reference for those who are researching the information. And, in return for providing this qualify information, these users may link back to you.

Answering Questions

Another great way to attract quality links is to answer the questions that people are searching for. By using Google Insights you might discover a new widget in your industry and might want to create a “what is” post. Describing new products or events is a way to help users learn and a way to have these users link back to you.

To expand upon your Google Insights search, I would recommend using the UberSuggest Tool, which delivers variable keywords that are being searched in the Google search engine. Below you can see a variation of terms and questions that people are searching for and need answers to.


Helping people is a great way to get natural links and avoid penalties from Google Updates like Penguin and Panda. Jumping on rising searches helps you become a valuable resource for those interested in your industry. For those who have been approved to publish in Google News, I consider this tool a must as it will allow you to rank for current topics that  have very little competition.

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