Bing Bringing Real Time Twitter Data Into Search Results

Last night I read via Search Engine Land of Bing’s announcement that they are beginning to integrate real time data into search results.

Starting with some of the more prominent and prolific Twitterers (“a few thousand people to start, based primarily on their follower count and volume of tweets”), Bing users will be able to search names in association with Twitter to see their latest Tweets come up in real time.

Example of Kara Swisher’s twitterstream in search results:
Kara Swisher Twitter

While it will be interesting to see how this initial phase of development is received by users, Bing is acknowledging the public’s demand for real-time search results.

Marketers should take note that this is just the latest example of the value in visibility amongst popular social networks and third party sites. In addition to the continued integration of social sharing on other popular sites (such as Digg and Flickr), social networks themselves are doing more to enhance their visibility for search engines.

Content that people might find valuable should not only be optimized on the company website.

As social sites like Twitter, Facebook and others continue to gain user attention, search engines will need to make adjustments to the type of content indexed in search results; and so will the online marketer.

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