Company News: KoMarketing Associates Continues Its Growth in 2011

2011 has been, and continues to be, an exciting year for KoMarketing Associates. We’ve seen client success stories, new challenges, new opportunities, and been fortunate to be a part of a tremendous industry that continues to grow and evolve.

KoMarketing Associates

We could not have realized the vast majority of our success however, if it were not for the talented people that have become a part of the KoMarketing Associates organization. I personally feel very fortunate to work with such a brilliant team of professionals. Their hard work and dedication to clients, company, and an industry are special.

With the summer almost over and (unbelievable) end of year planning in process, I am excited to be bringing on a new strategic leader to the KoMarketing Associates organization. Steven Wells brings over ten years experience in the digital marketing space to KoMarketing Associates, and will help lead business development and strategic partnerships moving forward.

You can read the full press release on Businesswire here.

I have known Steve for over fifteen years, having worked together on a range of internet marketing projects before my career took off with our organization. Having the opportunity to work together again is a stroke of good fortune and timing in our individual career paths.

The team working in our organization represent a major reason why I enjoy coming into the office every day. Bringing Wells into the fold of KoMarketing Associates will simply add to that reason.

I am looking forward to more good things to come, as the year winds down and 2012 kicks off.

The New Look Office at KoMarketing Associates

The New Look Office at KoMarketing Associates

“KoMarketing takes PPC management to a completely different level of focus on performance and commitment to client business goals.”

— Chris Long, CMO, L-com Global Connectivity

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