Conilogue Automotive: An Example of What NOT To Do For Search Engine Rankings

Conilogue Automotive does not appear #1 in Google for “conilogue automotive“, their brand name, but they are #1 in Yahoo, MSN and Ask. We found this gem while performing inbound link checks on a client’s competitor the other day. Does that mean that they are just having a difficult time obtaining inbound links and quality content for purposes of Google search rankings?

At first glance, the immediate conclusion is that they only have an image on the home page and no text content for purposes of understanding what is supposed to be on the page.

Conilogue - Screenshot 1

But then how did the competitor obtain a link?

A quick “control+a” reveals:

Conilogue - Screenshot 2

Hidden Text – and lots of it. Full of outbound links, keywords and other 1999 SEO goodness.

We can conclude that Google has picked up on this tactic, but it appears that a few of the search engines appear to have either failed to notice the issue or have decided that it’s not a big enough deal for their search index.

Search Engine Spam Reports
Here are links to the four major search engines spam report form submissions, in case you would ever find a site like this in your travels and feel the need to submit them for removal (or want to help the folks over there provide a better index for the world):

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