Does This Mean We Are Famous?

I have to admit – this one is stumping me.

Over the weekend I googled “komarketing associates” (which I do sometimes just to get to our site and catch a view of what Google has indexed along the way).  And I saw this ad from WebTrends:

click the image above to see the full information

It seemed natural that this would be one of the funny/strange anomalies that Google AdWords produces from time to time.  I figured that it must be the presence of “marketing” in our company’s name that triggered the ad.  So, I searched for a number of terms related to marketing (I even tried “marketing associates”).  No ad.

Then I decided to try some other SEO/SEM company brands/people to see if the same ad would appear.  iProspect, SEOmoz, High Rankings, Bruce Clay, Graywolf, Mindfire, and others.  No ad.

I also tried some competitors to WebTrends – Omniture, Indextools, Google Analytics, Coremetrics, and others.  No ad. At least not the same ad from WebTrends (i.e. “WebTrends Ad Director”).

Then I tried some search engine marketing-related terms – search engine marketing, search engine advertising, pay per click management, etc.  No ad.

For some reason I kept going.  I typed in “keyword bidding” – and saw the ad!!

click the image above to see the full information

So, does someone at WebTrends have an eye on KoMarketing Associates?  For now I’ll choose to think we have their attention & admiration (and that it’s not some Google AdWords glitch).  Why not?

“I worked with KoMarketing during my time at Pongo in a variety of roles. At first, they were doing the work for us, but in the end, they trained my growing team on Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Their education of the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) led to us launching a job search blog, over 30 learning center articles, and a social media campaign. I would not hesitate to recommend the KoMarketing team for any size project you may have.”

— Jodi Coverly, Marketing Manager, Pongo LLC

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