Fall Conference Preview: State of Search, Pubcon & More!

It’s been a busy summer here at KoMarketing and it’s hard to believe we are almost to September. Thankfully, fall in New England is one of my favorite times of the year. Between the weather, the leaves, and the apples, it’s pretty much the best.

The other part about fall I love is that it’s once again conference season! This September and October, I’ll be headed to Salt Lake City, Dallas, and Las Vegas. Check it out!

Digital Marketing Conference – Sept 14th 

Location: Sandy, UT

One of the amazing things I’ve learned over the years is there’s a very large contingent of search marketers in Utah. Not only that, but a ways back, they formed the SLC | SEM group and later the Digital Marketing Conference. The show has been running for three years and regularly gets some really fantastic speakers. This year is no exception. While the official agenda has not launched, the speaker lineup means they’ll be some fantastic sessions. Here’s where you’ll find me:

  • Session: Giving Your Content a Sense of Repurpose
  • Session Date: Friday September 15th, 10:40am UTC
  • Session Overview: Creating fresh content requires time and resources; two things most marketers don’t have extra of. What most of us fail to consider however is we have a gold mine of content already available. In this session, we’ll look at how content marketers can take existing content and turn it into fresh assets. From infographics to video, and blog posts to webinars, find news ways to make old content work for you.

Tickets are still available and for a discount, use code Casie@DMC.

State of Search – Oct 9th & 10th

Location: Dallas, TX

Did you know that KoMarketing has two team members in the Dallas area? Like Utah, Dallas has a ton of digital marketers and a few years back, they formed the State of Search conference. The show has become pretty legendary and this year looks to be one of the best.

  • Session: Why the Customer Experience Matters to SEO
  • Session Date: Monday, October 9th, 4:20 pm CST
  • Session Overview: The official session overview has not been released but I can tell you that we’ll be diving into the changing consumer landscape, customer expectations, and how search marketers must adapt.

Tickets are still available and you can register here >>

Pubcon Las Vegas – Nov 6th – 9th

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Pubcon is one of the oldest and largest digital marketing shows out there and it also happens to be one of my favorite. No, not just because it’s in Las Vegas. The Pubcon team works really hard to offer a variety of sessions and while it can certainly be overwhelming, there really is something for everyone. This November, I’ll be moderating a couple sessions and also speaking.

  • Session: Content Repurposing
  • Session Date: Thursday, November 9th, 11:05 am PST
  • Session Overview: In this session, we’ll look at how content marketers can use real-time data to identify top performing content pieces and turn them into new assets. Learn how to optimize existing pieces for increased search exposure, see how small structural changes can impact traffic generation, and get ideas on how to take that content and turn it into new assets to be used across multiple channels.

Tickets are still available and you can register here >>

Headed to any of the shows? See where we’ll be and let’s connect ahead of time!

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