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I started using (BZ) about a month ago after reading a post on Sphinn about how Courtney Tuttle had started a great new social community for bloggers, and how BZ encourages users to submit their own articles in addition to other people’s articles (very contrary to how users behave on other social media sites like Digg).  I can’t find that thread I followed on Sphinn, but here is a blog post on that makes the same assertion.

Then, yesterday I read this article, “Forget Digg and SU: 10 Reasons Why You Should Focus on BloggingZoom“, from “Patrick” at Piggie Bank (I spent a few minutes looking for Patrick’s full name, but I admit that after reading his About page and saw that he did not offer it up, I gave up quickly).

Patrick makes some excellent points about BZ – it’s new, it’s not crowded yet, making influential BZ friends can drive traffic, the site is squarely focused on bloggers, & Patrick has seen his own nice traffic results from BZ. 

 While I’m not yet 100% convinced yet that BZ is a community that encourages self-promotion (my initial reason stated above for investigating the site), I’d be interested to know if Patrick would include that as an 11th reason that BloggingZoom is a reason to “forget Digg”. (yes, I will contact him and ask him because that is what good social media networkers do 🙂 )

Also, while I know that using Traffic Rankings data is something that should be viewed with caution (in terms of accuracy and demographic biases), I think it is very worthwhile to note that in less than 2 1/2 months BloggingZoom has already gained a Traffic Rank of 20,146 – which means that Alexa views this at the 20,146th most popular site on the Web.


In any case, I personally am enjoying getting involved in this community (something that Derek here at KoMarketing points out as a factor in choosing how you participate in social media in his recent post “5 Ways To Make Social Media A Part of Everyday Business Strategy“).

I have more work to do to figure out the community, make friends, and discover how to successfully submit articles.  But, here are some links pointing to things I have done recently on BZ:

I hope you join BloggingZoom too, and we can share blog posts we like with each other!

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