Four Reasons Why Facebook Power Editor Is an Essential Tool

Facebook Advertisement has seen a rise in effectiveness over the last couple of months, evident in Samsung’s recent success where the company saw almost 13 to 1 returns. As companies’ advertising dollars continue to be budgeted to Facebook, agencies need to effectively manage large volumes of Facebook Ad campaigns. Luckily for agencies, Facebook offers the Power Editor, an endlessly helpful tool that makes Ad changes on the fly.

Facebook Power Editor is similar to Google Adwords Editor in that it allows for mass edits to be made on multiple campaigns and ads. The advertiser can import all data from an account, make a variety of changes to the ads, and export them back into the account.

In this post, I’ll focus on the four unique features that set Facebook Power Editor apart from Google Adwords and that make it an essential tool for any Facebook advertiser.

Creating Duplicate Ads

Creating an ad on Facebook’s interface can be a tiring process, especially if you have multiple countries and interest groups tied to an ad. With the duplicate feature, advertisers can test out small variations of the same ad without having to create a new ad each time. All it takes is a click of the “Duplicate” button and a new ad with the same attributes can be created. This is a huge time saver!


All Your Facebook Images in One Place

If you have a large number of ads, it can be difficult to manage the images tied to these ads. However, with the Facebook Power Editor, all the images that have ever been used in the account are saved in one place. Not only are you able to see which images are tied to which ad, but, when creating an ad, you are able to choose an image you have previously used. What makes this feature so impressive is that it allows the advertiser to see the click-through effectiveness of each image and weed out images that do not work.


Interface Stays on One Screen

The Facebook Advertisement interface won’t win any points for its speed. Browsing from campaigns and ads to editing these ads can be a lengthy process. However, Facebook Power Editor takes this interface and puts it on a single screen. Campaign names are pinned to the left side for easy access, a list of ads appear on the top right side, and the ad edit interface is located on the bottom. It flows perfectly, making it useful for advertisers managing a large amount of ads.


Bulk Importer

One of the most unique features of Facebook Power Editor takes place outside of it. The editor allows you to create ads in bulk using an Excel document. In order to do this, you need to export any ads you’d like to include using the “Export” button in Power Editor.

When you open the excel document, you can create new ads and edit existing ones. Once complete, clicking the “Bulk Import” button allows you to upload all your edits at one time, allowing for a quick and easy way to make bulk changes to Facebook Ads.


With all these features and more, Facebook Power Editor has become the necessary tool for any agency taking on a client’s Facebook Campaign.

To gain access to Facebook Power Editor, you must first be using a Google Chrome browser. Next, you will need to search for Facebook Power Editor in the Chrome Store, or go to the app download page found here. Once downloaded, you are all set to enjoy the Facebook Power Editor.

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