10 Gifts for Marketers That Will Boost Productivity

The holidays are upon us and time is running out to buy presents. Whether you’re a marketer looking to buy yourself (or your team) an end of the year gift, or you know a marketer that’s always looking to boost their productivity, we’re here to help.

Holiday gifts

We’ve assembled a list of 10 gifts for marketers that can be used to make the hours between 9 and 5 (and beyond) easier to manage and more productive.

1. Nature Bright SunTouch Plus
Nature Bright SunTouch

As we work our way through the winter months, exposure to natural sunlight is at a premium. For some marketers, the sun has set and darkness has fallen upon them before they even leave the office.

The Sun Touch Plus from Nature Bright is designed to boost both mood and energy by mimicking the effects of a bright and sunny day. Showering the person in front of it with 17,000 Kelvin UV-Free light, it’s exactly what would be experienced on a day outside in the sun.

Its slim design is perfect for tight spaces and a built-in timer allows users to set it at 15, 30, 45, and 60-minute intervals. Additionally, its negative ionizer provides the same particles that form around waterfalls and rain forests, rejuvenating anybody sitting in front of it.

Where to buy: Nature Bright

2. Rain Design mStand

Rain Design mStandMarketers in today’s digital age spend a lot of time in front of, and using their computers. The mStand from Rain Design transforms a notebook computer sitting on a desk into a comfortable and stylish workstation, wherever it may be.

This stand fits all Macbooks and is compatible with most other notebooks. Its tilted design brings the screen closer to the user and the aluminum material acts as a heat sink to cool the computer while in use.

Where to buy: Rain Design

3. MarketingProfs Membership

MarketingProfs Notebook

Marketers are always looking for new and improved ways of achieving their goals. If you know a knowledge-thirsty marketer, consider getting them a PRO membership from MarketingProfs.

With this membership, they will gain access to seminars, webcasts, case studies, conference discounts, and more, which are all designed to lead them in the direction of a more successful marketing program.

Where to buy: MarketingProfs

4. Moleskine Smart Notebook

Moleskine NotebookOne of my colleagues here at KoMarketing, Mike, likes to keep it old-school by using a traditional pen and paper to take notes during calls and meetings.

If you have a person like Mike on your gift-giving list, consider giving them this Moleskine Smart Notebook. The notebook can be synced to the Creative Cloud app from Moleskine to instantly turn hand-written notes and drawings into digital files.

Some people are strict “pen and paper” people, and that might not change, but it’s worth a shot!

Where to buy: Moleskine

5. Business Card Reader App

Business Card Reader

As a marketer, I’ve attended a number of different trade shows and conferences. Upon my departure, I often find my pockets stuffed with business cards including information that needs to be manually entered into my contact lists.

By gifting this app to a marketer, you will be saving them time and energy, as it takes a picture and recognizes business cards (in a number of different languages) and automatically fills contact info fields in the iOS address book.

Where to buy: iTunes

6. Starbucks (or Local Coffee Shop) Gift Card

Starbucks Gift CardCoffee is a marketer’s best friend. So, why not gift them with more time with it?

A cup of coffee keeps me warm and seems to keep me laser-focused. In fact, “A study from the journal PLOS One reports that 200 milligrams of caffeine prods the brain to identify words and phrases more quickly,” according to Redbooth.

So yes, coffee does equate to productivity. It’s science.

Where to buy: Starbucks

7. Joe Pulizzi’s Content Inc.

Content Inc. Before you can create a product and successfully bring it to market, you must have an audience built.

This is the premise behind Joe Pulizzi‘s “Content Inc.,” a book that breaks down the business-startup blueprint into six key steps.

Buy this book for any marketer that wants to learn what to do when starting a new business or improving an existing one. Pulizzi is considered to be a pioneer of content marketing and specifically using it as a vehicle to go beyond traditional marketing models that are becoming outdated.

The advice he offers in this book is extremely valuable to any marketer.

Where to buy: Content Marketing Institute

8. Spotify (or Other Music Streaming Service) Gift Card

Spotify Gift CardWhen it comes time for a marketer to put their head down and churn out some work, they often times plug in their headphones and cue up their favorite music.

With this in mind, consider gifting your favorite marketer with a Spotify gift card, or any other music streaming service gift.

Spotify‘s Premium subscription allows users to listen ad-free, skip as many songs as they want, listen offline, play any track, and listen to high-quality audio.

Where to buy: Spotify

9. VisionTek 5 Device Charging Station

VisionTek Charging StationAccording to the GlobalWebIndex, the typical digital consumer now owns more than three devices. It’s pretty safe to assume that this number is even higher when speaking about marketers.

Whether you’re a marketer or not, you’ve surely been faced with a situation when you need to use a device but it’s low or completely out of battery.

VisionTek‘s charging station allows users to charge up to five USB chargeable devices from one location. Give this gift to a marketer that’s seemingly always running out of power on their devices.

Where to buy: VisionTek

10. Luxafor Flag

Luxafor Flag Many of today’s organizations are shifting towards a more open workspace. While it certainly has its perks, it also makes it easier for coworkers to swing by your desk and chat about whatever is on their mind.

Sometimes, this happens just when you get into a solid working groove.

If you know a marketer that struggles with this at work, consider giving them this Luxafor flag that clips onto devices and illuminates based on availability. This will let their colleagues know when they’re busy without being interrupted.

Where to buy: Luxafor

Final Thoughts

If you’re a marketer, what gifts have you received that were the most memorable? If you’re not a marketer but have one on your gift list, what do you plan on getting them this holiday season?

Drop a comment below or connect with me on Twitter to get a conversation started! 

(Looking for even more marketing gift ideas? Take a look at this post, which offers gifts specifically for content marketers).

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