112 Google Ads Callout Extensions Examples for B2B Advertisers

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Google Ads extensions are a no brainer when it comes to adding extra information and benefits to ad copy in search engine marketing campaigns. They don’t increase your existing cost-per-click and in many cases, it can actually help decrease it.

While there are many different types of ad extensions, not all of them will make sense to your business, for example, app extensions will not make sense to your business unless you own an app or the objective of the campaign is to drive app downloads.

Callouts, on the other hand, can be applied to any business and any type of offer. Let’s discuss callouts in more detail.

What Are Callouts?

Callouts are an additional line of text that shows below your description line 1 or 2. You can add as many callouts as you want but usually, 4 or 6 will show in a single ad. Each callout is composed by up to 25 characters (including spaces)

google ads callouts examples

Back in 2014, when this extension was born, my colleague, Mike Pickowicz, wrote a blog post that covers the key benefits of this extension and they all remain up to date.

The usual next question is, are there any disadvantages to using callouts? Not really. The most common error we see when auditing ad accounts is that people forget that callouts are there. It is important to evaluate the relevancy the callouts have to new campaigns, content or applicable to show at any time of the day.

The other key recommendation is making sure they are tailored to what the user intent is for a specified query. For example, if a user is looking for your pricing page, make sure the callout highlights how your pricing structure works or its competitive difference. Don’t use this ad to talk about how your reports have the latest insights or trends.

When looking at search results, the other common issue is that you tend to see the same callouts all over the Google page, hence we broke down examples based on offerings so you can get inspired and differentiate your ad copy from the rest.

26 Examples of B2B Callouts for Products

When talking about products people tend to get stuck on just pricing but there are many other attributes you can highlight, like how easy it is to shop on your site, your return policy, if you are a licensed vendor, and more. Here are 26 examples for companies selling products:

1. 1-2 Day Shipping 13. Available in Many Colors
2. Best Industry Warranties 14. Best Rate Guaranteed
3. Call for A Quote Today 15. Custom Fabrication
4. Easy Checkout Process 16. Financing Available
5. Free Shipping 17. Free Shipping Over $99
6. Get Overnight Shipping 18. High-Quality Products
13. Highest Quality Materials 19. ISO Certified
7. Officially Licensed Gear 20. Real-Time Inventory
8. Reputable Vendors 21. Same Day Pickup Available
9. Same Day Shipping 22. Service and Repairs
10. Shop Best Sellers 23. Shop Today
11. We Ship to Puerto Rico 24. Wide Product Selection
12. 5-Day Returns 26. 15k+ Products Available

27 Examples of B2B Callouts for Software

Software or SAAS can use callouts for many reasons. For example, showcasing why their software or platform is unique, the competitive features, as well as the benefits of using the solution. Here are 27 callouts to get you started:

1. 100% Cloud Platform 15. Adaptive Security
2. Advanced APIs 16. Auto Syncs Across Devices
3. Build A Better Business 17. Built for Businesses
4. Cancel Anytime 18. Custom Dashboards
5. Easy Activation 19. Easy to Deploy and Scale
6. Easy to Use Software 20. Eliminate Errors
7. Embed Seamlessly 21. Free Product Tour
8. Free Trial 22. Ideal For 50+ Customers
9. Ideal For 50+ Employees 23. Improve Brand Reputation
10. Increase Productivity 24. Increase Profit Margins
11. Rapid Implementation 25. Reduce Downtime
12. Schedule A Demo 26. Set Push Notifications
13. Test Drive A Free Trial 27. Test the Platform
14. Watch Live Demo

20 Examples of B2B Callouts for Whitepapers, Webinars, and Reports

This category is interesting because the callouts for these content assets tend to focus on why your business is awesome rather than the benefits of actually downloading or reading your asset. Here are 20 callouts that will set your content asset ads apart from your competitors:

1. All the Latest 11. Comprehensive Report
2. Explore Tech Topics 12. Free Booklet
3. Free Industry Study 13. Free Registration
4. Get the Report 14. Large Webinar Library
5. Latest Trends 15. Learn What’s A CRM & More
6. Listen Now 16. On-Demand Webinar
7. Read the Report 17. Short Webinars
8. UK Vs US Differences 18. Up-To-Date Market Data
9. Weekly Webinars 19. 15-Minute Read
10. 1k+ Downloads 20. 1k+ Webinars Watched

11 Examples of B2B Callouts for Customer Service

No matter what industry you are in, good customer service is key for customer satisfaction. If you have a customer service team to be proud of, here are 11 ideas to let customers know how to reach out to you:

1. 24/7 Support 7. Chat Support Available
2. Dedicated Account Rep. 8. Fast Response
3. Get Hands-On Support 9. Handle Complex Cases
4. Local Experts 10. Satisfaction Guaranteed
5. Support Without Wait Time 11. Top Customer Service Reps
6. Unlimited Support

14 Examples of B2B Callouts for Pricing

If you are a product or service provider with competitive pricing, offer price match, or good pricing policies, make sure to include these on your callouts.

1. Buy Now, Pay Later 8. Competitive Price
2. Discount for Military 9. Financing Available
3. Free Cancellation 10. Free Quote in Minutes
4. Good Prices 11. Multiple Price Options
5. No Service Fees 12. Pay Monthly or Annually
6. Price Match Available 13. Prices Start At $99
7. Quote In 5 Min or Less 14. Wholesale Pricing

15 Bonus Examples B2B Callouts

When compiling this list, I realized there were a few callouts that came to mind that were not exclusive to any of the previously stated categories. That being said, here are 15 bonus examples of B2B callouts:

1. Authorized Reseller 9. Award-Winning Company
2. Call Us At 123-456-6789 10. Custom Orders Available
3. Ensure Compliance 11. Exclusive Access
4. Exclusive Promotions 12. Founded in 2000
5. Free Account Creation 13. HubSpot Partner
6. Military-Grade Equipment 14. Money-Back Guaranteed
7. Se Habla Español (We speak Spanish) 15. Small & Medium Businesses
8. 20+ Years of Experience

Final Thoughts

As you can see, callouts are extremely flexible, and in a few characters, they allow you to express the key benefits of your product or service.

Did I miss a callout you have seen success with? What’s your go-to callout? Let me know via Twitter.

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