GTD and Outlook 2007:

I wanted to update my recent blog post on Using Outlook 2007 with the Getting Things Done methodology.

There is an interesting series of forum messages on David Allen’s Website, that the Getting Things Done Outlook Add-In is not compatible with Outlook 2007.

Here is one comment that I found particularly interesting:

I’d suggest you take advantage of the GTD plug in (v2.7.5) trial period first, before buying it.
My experience is that it’s quite unstable, and can cause problems with Outlook responding. Also there are niggly things like not being able to fill in the ‘Action’ field in the Task window by typing. You have to use the drop down menu. Customer Support claim that this is a Windows/MS Outlook issue but I’m not convinced. It’s not a problem I’ve ever come across with Outlook custom forms before.
It’s also quite expensive for what it is, in the UK marketplace at least, even with a strong pound.

In my view, this is more reason to look at alternatives.

You can read the entire post here.

I’ve also gotten excellent feedback to the post, but I’d still love to hear from people about how they integrate David Allen’s philosophy into Outlook 2007.

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