Mining The #IMS09 Twitter Stream: 60+ Perspectives & Resources

Inbound Marketing Summit

As I sat reflecting on the ideas and discussions had at the Inbound Marketing Summit, I grappled with finding an appropriate voice for providing review. I concluded that it might be best to look to Twitter for perspective from some of the talented individuals who joined me in experiencing #IMS09 last week.

IMS09 Boston at Patriot Place

What I found was an impressive collection of quotes, ideas and links from those in attendance and presenting at IMS09. Hopefully, you’ll agree 🙂

So without further ado…

Inbound Marketing Summit Boston – Day One

  • @kipdurney Ground Rule #1: There are NO social media experts #ims09 @gameplanhayden
  • @mvolpe I agree with @gameplanhayden “Silos Suck!” #ims09
  • @michedav Content is king, but marketing is queen & she runs the house – @garyvee at #IMS09
  • @peersuasion How to beat the competition: Outcare them. – @garyvee at #IMS09
  • @benjaminstrong/ Gary Vee #ims09. “It’s insane to me that companies won’t talk to the people who are talking about them.” (via @DowntownWoman)
  • @planetrussell RT @aaronstrout: Thoughtful response by @bhalligan to pushback he got at #IMS09 on “PR is dead” slide.
  • @kdpaine here are my slides from #ims09
  • @dbreakenridge New blog post with highlights from my PR 2.0 panel at #IMS09 …
  • @MSchechter RT @billlublin: RT @InnovateMarCom: You are who you are. Put it all out there. ~CC Chapman #ims09
  • @cc_chapman My #buckets slides from #ims09 are now up as part of the latest episode of Managing The Gray –
  • @bostonmarketer …”If there are a bunch of kids in a playground, and there are no toys there, they’re going to leave” ~@cc_chapman #ims09
  • @megfowler “The opposite of marketing fluff is not hard data, it’s clarity & decision.” @conversationage #IMS09
  • @ConversationAge Inbound Marketing Summit – my presentation #ims09
  • @decli Kodak in the process of hiring a “chief listener” reports the “chief blogger”. WOW #IMS09 @kodakcb
  • @MaryAnnHalford critical to have a calendar that for content creation. Kodak coordinates with PR & Mrktg
  • @AdamHoldenBache Kodak “comped” their blog to get approval by execs. Helped alleviate blog fear. Good idea for those that need C-level approval. #IMS09
  • @jimstorer Social Media Tips (pdf on the right) from @kodakCB is located here: #IMS09
  • @Michacha101 A good conversationalist listens more than they talk. #ims09 (grow bigger ears panel)
  • @ORourkeSEO Spectacle, Story and Emotion can Make Your Video Go Viral – Recap of Tim Street presentation. #ims09
  • @amanda_pants Inbound Marketing Summit – Day One Recap #IMS09.
  • @jeckman New blog post: Inbound Marketing, Outbound Marketing, and Spam: #IMS09 day one
  • @JeffCutler If you missed it yesterday, here’s my mini recap of the conference/summit – – most recent post is an #IMS09 eval.
  • @aaronstrout A quick recap of some of @KodakCB’s 20 min talk at #ims09

Inbound Marketing Summit Boston – Day Two

IMS09 Day Two: Steve Garfield youtube video blog
Source: Flickr photo by decli

  • @tallbonez Really enjoying the opening presentation by @tmarklein, setting the bar high right away #IMS09
  • @JoselinMane Here are @tmarklein’s #ims09 slides from @slideshare enjoy
  • @schneidermike #IMS09 @JasonFalls points out that most corporate websites are still brochures, not dynamic. People want to be engaged with good content.
  • @jenholmes if you’re not taking care of your home on the internet, what the hell are you doing anyway? @jasonfalls #ims09
  • @JasonFalls For those interested, my slides from #ims09 this morning
  • @tmarklein Kaspersky uses “threatpost” blog as front-line engagement, followed by Kaspersky web site, then marketing materials #ims09
  • @InnovateMarCom Always say thank you when someone praises your brand online. @davidalston #ims09
  • @davidreske Humana Social Fundamentals – authenticity, active listening, going where they are, personal voice, learning through action, sharing #IMS09
  • @clayfisher Tweet Positioning System // Another Humana Innovation #ims09
  • @goodridgeIt’s not the newspapers dying, our readers are” – Great, poignant quote from @pgillin here at #ims09
  • #ims09 Taxonomy is how you define yourself. Folksonomy is how others define you. (via @pgillin)
  • @ellenrossano Steve Garfield is having a video flash mob at #IMS09 @stevegarfield
  • @LilMissSocMedia My video from the second row of Steve Garfield’s video gathering: #IMS09
  • @BostonSarah @newmediajim Jim, it was so nice to meet you today. Your #IMS09 presentation went a long way in demonstrating the value of brand ambassadors
  • @MiriamKutcher Blogs/Social Media interactions can change the internal debate — great insight! Paula Berg from Southwest Airlines #ims09
  • @nolafilm great panel at #IMS09 – “End the Social Media Hype.” @pgillin – transparency isn’t about disclosing your trade secrets, it’s about honesty.
  • @briansolis Introducing the Social Compass #ims09
  • @twalk Build your database of interesting, powerful people. Carry it with you. @chrisbrogan at #ims09
  • @eWayDirect The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers – Shiv Singh #ims09
  • @andreagoulet Examples of companies doing social media well: @comcastcares @garyvee (winelibrary) @BreakingPoint and @ducttape #ims09
  • @brett/ wow, @cspenn is rockin’ the stage at #ims09 – incredible energy, enthusiasm, and a loud voice! #rock!
  • @vanhoosear Loving @cspenn preso — I don’t know what it is. The content is great, the enthusiasm is great. But his voice is like comfort food. #ims09
  • @derekedmond RT @vanhoosear: Here’s the link to @cspenn’s #ims09 excellent preso on ROI 101:
  • @TheCR A special #FF to @miriamkutcher for her great presentation at #ims09 on community launch at IDC –
  • @chrisbrogan From @NoOneYouKnow , my audio from #IMS09 (phone quality, sorry)
  • @dharmesh/ Boy, I’m really impressed with @chrisbrogan and his raw ability to catalyze, inspire and motivate. Humbling. Thanks #ims09.
  • @percussion Recap and highlights of Inbound Marketing Summit Boston Day 2: #ims09
  • @RobertCollins Good stuff here – RT @amanda_pants: #IMS09 recap of day two – This is Not Important

Additional #IMS09 Updates via Twitter

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Final Thoughts
Thanks very much to Chris Brogan, Justin Levy, the team at New Marketing Labs, and all of the people I was able to meet and/or reconnect with (both online and offline) at the event. It was a fantastic experience and I only wish I had more time to spend with those in attendance while we were there.

Did I miss something important? I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions via the comments below or send me a message anytime on Twitter @derekedmond.

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