‘Is SEO Dead?’ …Take 132

A friend of mine in the Sales industry sent me this email the other day:

What do you think of this article?  (“SEO is Dead”) Think it is crap or is there some truth to it?

My response to him:

There is certainly truth to it.  The conversation has been going on the past few years as to whether SEO is dead or if SEO can survive, etc, etc.  The thing is, yes, if you are ONLY doing SEO, straight up, old school, meta tags, keywords, keyword density style SEO, you are probably in trouble already.

But most people (and certainly KoMarketing) are evolving or have evolved into full ‘internet marketers’.  Becoming experts in search, social media, learning how to reach out to bloggers/authors and figuring out how to leverage all the available assets the internet has to offer.

It is no longer only about what you can change on your site, it’s about how you can make your site better overall, how you can help other people and how you can get people that come to your site to convert.  SEO isn’t dead, it just has become integrated into a full internet marketing campaign.

Additional Commentary

Now I know there are many opinions on this topic out there and if you want a nice sampling take a look at the comments section of Micah’s post.  But for the sake of my job, I’d like to think there is still so much we have to offer our clients beyond and including SEO.

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