10 Tips To Successfully Manage Your Company Page On LinkedIn


LinkedIn relaunched their Company Pages as LinkedIn Pages last November. The relaunch included a number of new features and upgraded features that let B2B marketers manage a company page on LinkedIn more effectively than before.

If you haven’t had a chance to catch up on the update, or you’ve perhaps been neglecting your LinkedIn Pages while you were pursuing other things, this article can give you a quick brush up.

We’ll show you what you need to do to manage your company page on LinkedIn in 2019, and give you a few opportunities for extra credit so your company can stand out and win more business through social media marketing.

Make Sure Your LinkedIn Company Page is COMPLETELY Filled Out

Let’s start with some low-hanging fruit. Maybe you created your LinkedIn Page a long time ago, and have perhaps forgotten about it recently, or you’ve neglected it a bit in the last few years. If that’s the case, it’s a good idea to check in and see how your Page looks now. Since the update last November, there are a few new fields and settings to update.

This only takes a minute or two, but it’s a high-return task. Completing your LinkedIn Page’s information will usually net your Page about 30% more traffic.

Here’s what you need to complete:

  1. Upload your logo.
  2. Add a tagline.
  3. Describe your company in about three sentences. According to LinkedIn, most companies use this space to describe their “vision, mission, values, and a brief description of their products and/or services.” Of course, if you can sprinkle a couple of keywords into your company description, all the better.
  4. Add your website’s URL.
  5. Add your phone number.
  6. Add your industry.
  7. Add your company size.
  8. Add your company type.
  9. Add the year you were founded.
  10. Update your specialities (again, think about your keywords here).
  11. Add a cover image for your page.

And voilà – you now have a fully completed LinkedIn Page.

There’s a video guide from LinkedIn about how to do this introductory setup here.

And here’s what the interface itself looks like:

Fill out your LinkedIn company page's profile completely

Set up Admins to Manage Your Company Page on LinkedIn

If you’ve used almost any social media management tool, you’ll be familiar with the idea of “Community Managers,” – basically account admins who plan and post all social media content, and who are tasked with responding to comments and possibly forwarding any complaints to Customer Service.

LinkedIn’s new Pages has this functionality. Page admins can post and share content, and they can reply to comments as well. They can do this work from almost anywhere, too: LinkedIn’s app allows admins to manage a company Page on LinkedIn when they’re on the go or from their desktops.

Share Content from Employees

This may be one of the best new features of LinkedIn Pages. It finally makes it easy to share top-performing posts from company employees to the company’s Page. This sort of employee advocacy is powerful, effective, and not used nearly enough.

Of course, this means you’ll have to get all your employees to update their LinkedIn accounts, and link their accounts to your company Page. Fortunately, that’s not hard. There are instructions for how to do it here. Note that only an employee can add themselves to a LinkedIn Page; admins can’t do it.

Here’s an example of a post Glassdoor’s official LinkedIn Page re-shared from an employee’s feed:

LinkedIn Pages now lets you reshare any post that mentions your company page

LinkedIn Page admins can also reshare any post – from anyone – that directly mentions their LinkedIn Page. So if a client mentions you, or someone mentions a webinar or conference event you’re holding – all that can be re-shared to your LinkedIn Page.

Instructions for how to re-share any post that mentions your page are here.

Use Hashtags

Each LinkedIn Page can be associated with up to three hashtags. Hashtags have had their challenges on LinkedIn, but they do work on the platform now. Including your three most valuable hashtags on your Page is a good idea.

Add hashtags for your page's profile

Share PowerPoint Presentations, PDFs, and Word Docs Directly from LinkedIn Pages Posts

Get extra visibility for your presentations. You can still upload presentation decks to SlideShare (which is owed by Microsoft, which also owns LinkedIn).

HubSpot shares a lot of embedded SlideShares on its LinkedIn Page. Notice how they’ve also bent “the rule” (or more accurately, the assumption) that an embedded PowerPoint has to be horizontal.

This vertical PowerPoint takes up much more space in the feed, so people are more likely to notice it when it first gets published. Also, because you can click through the PDF, and because of the shape, it’s very reminiscent of an Instagram story. HubSpot has managed to make the old PowerPoint format seem new again.

Adding pdfs, powerpoints, and word docs to your page's posts

Include All of Your Company Locations

Remember: People don’t do business with businesses. People do business with people.

One of the most compelling reasons to do business with one person over another is how close they are. But that’s not the only reason to include your company’s locations in your LinkedIn Page. It can also help you show up for more searches on LinkedIn, and it can help you attract local talent.

manage your LinkedIn company page by adding your company's locations

Use Content Suggestions to Find Content to Share

The best B2B social media accounts don’t just share their own content. They share third-party content, too – articles, research studies and other high-value content that will be useful to their audience.

There are dozens of content curation tools that can help you easily find great content to share. LinkedIn is now offering another option. From within your LinkedIn Page, you can use “Content Suggestions” as a content curation tool.

manage company page LinkedIn with content suggestions

Content suggestions has several filters that make it more useful than many other content curation tools. You can filter content by country, for instance, and by industry, and by what people of different seniorities are sharing.

It’s an interesting, free way to find good content to share on LinkedIn. You could also use it to find content to share on your other social media accounts.

You could even use Content Suggestions to add a bit more content to your email newsletter. Many companies now have a “What We’re Reading” section in their newsletters with curated articles they think are especially interesting.

Post to Your LinkedIn Page at Least Once a Week

According to LinkedIn, “pages that post weekly see a 2x lift in engagement.” The reach for LinkedIn is also excellent (especially compared to Facebook). LinkedIn claims that companies who post 20 times per month will reach 60% of their audience. That’s about ten times better than what most B2B companies are getting on Facebook now.

Post More Videos

LinkedIn hasn’t always been as video-friendly as it is now. So if you’re still managing your company page on LinkedIn like you were a few years ago, with text-based posts, it’s time to evolve.

Here are a few best practices for video on LinkedIn:

  • Keep videos short. LinkedIn will accept videos up to ten minutes long, but shorter videos tend to work better. Even 30 seconds isn’t too short.
  • Upload your videos directly to LinkedIn. Don’t use a YouTube link, for example.
  • Upload MP4 video files rather than MOVs files. If you use the MP4 format, you’ll be able to include a title, a custom thumbnail, and an SRT captions file.

Marketing superstar Neil Patel recently published a video about getting more video views on LinkedIn. He believes LinkedIn video is one of the best opportunities for exposure in marketing right now. Why? Because LinkedIn’s algorithm is “hungry” for video content. So you’re likely to get four to five times more views and engagement for video on LinkedIn than you’d ever get with text-based content.

Make Use of the Custom Call-To-Action Button

Engagement with your posts on LinkedIn is great, but a better goal for managing a company page on LinkedIn is to have people click through to your website and complete a specific action. Call-to-actions help with this.

Here are the custom call-to-action buttons now available for LinkedIn Pages:

  • Contact Us
  • Learn More
  • Register
  • Sign Up
  • Visit Website

The call-to-action button will appear right below your company’s tagline, which turns that copy into a prime opportunity to invite people to contact you for a special offer, sign up for your newsletter, or register for a special event.

Here’s what the custom call to action looks like from within the desktop version of LinkedIn:

Add a custom call to action button to your profile

And here’s what the setup for it looks like:

How to add a custom call-to-action button to your LinkedIn Page.


LinkedIn Company Pages can be an excellent way to build a hub for your business on this critical B2B social media platform. And while LinkedIn certainly doesn’t have the reach that Facebook has, being able to reach 60% of a small audience may end up being better than reaching 0.6% of your audience on Facebook.

But it’s the employee post sharing features of these new Pages that we like the most. Many star employees fully understand the benefits of maintaining a personal brand, and they regularly share professional wins and great social posts.

Being able to reshare those posts to a company social media feed is a great way to improve engagement, be more approachable as a business, and showcase the type of great people your clients or customers will get to work with.

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