Expert Insight: How Location-Based Data Is Helping Marketers Achieve Their Top Objectives

digital marketing, content marketingMarketers have a large amount of location data at their fingertips, but what do they do with all of it?

According to the “2018 Location-Based Marketing Report” conducted by Lawless Research and Factual, marketers that implement their data into their strategies see more success when it comes to achieving their primary objectives.

To learn more about how marketers are leveraging location data and why they are doing so, we spoke to Brian Czarny, CMO of Factual, for more insight.

More than 80 percent of marketers who used location data saw higher response rates – is there anything else marketers could be doing to achieve an even higher percentage? How can they improve upon their efforts?

“Data is of utmost importance in marketing, but not all data is of high quality. Marketers may see an improvement in their location targeting efforts simply by ensuring they choose the right data partner to avoid the issues commonly associated with low-quality, inaccurate data sources.

“Some things to keep in mind when evaluating data partners are: Is data sold alone or exclusively coupled with media? Is there transparency into the underlying data assets? What processes are in place to measure quality?”

location based marketing, digital marketingIn what ways are marketers harnessing location data? Are there more efficient ways this could be done?

“Location data can be used throughout the lifecycle of a digital campaign. From analyzing and understanding the behaviors of an audience to targeting the right person at the right place and measuring the performance afterward, location can be used every step of the way to maximize results.”

Many marketers are utilizing location data to personalize the customer experience – how important is personalization now and in the future?

“Personalization is more important now than it has ever been before, as it’s been proven that customers expect and often demand personalized, relevant experiences. By understanding an audience, marketers can tailor creative and delivery strategies to reach them most effectively. Seventy-seven percent of the marketers we surveyed said that location data gave them a deeper knowledge of their customers’ needs and interests, while 74% said that it improved ROI for their campaigns.”

What was the most interesting finding/statistic to you in the report?

“It’s fantastic to see such high numbers when it comes to campaign results, including increased customer bases, higher response rates, and improved customer engagement. It’s encouraging to know that marketers are seeing real results from the application of location.”


Brian Czarny, digital marketing

As Factual’s CMO, Brian is responsible for driving all aspects of marketing for Factual, including strategy, brand, communications, product marketing and growth. A senior marketing and product veteran, he brings more than 20 years of marketing experience in building and managing results-oriented teams for fast growing technology companies.


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