Expert Insight: How Can Marketers Improve Campaign Integration Efforts?

marketing, digital marketingAlthough the majority of marketers believe that their ad campaigns are fully integrated and effective, previous research suggests that many customers disagree.

In the “AdReaction: The Art of Integration” report from Kantar Millward Brown, statistics showed that 89 percent of marketers believed their campaign strategies were integrated, but only 58 percent of customers agreed. To take a closer look at the disconnect, we spoke to Bethany Gostanian, VP of Research at Kantar Millward Brown.

Why do you think there is a disconnect between marketers and customers on the level of integration?

digital advertising, marketing, digital marketing

“The good news is that 47 percent of consumers say that, compared with three years ago, ads are fitting together better across different formats. But, there is still room for improvement. Marketers are looking at their planned strategy, which might be integrated in some ways, but not necessarily in a way that is clear to all consumers. And while it is unlikely that the views of marketers and consumers will ever align 100 percent, marketers definitely have the tools to move effectiveness in the right direction.”

What was the most interesting finding/statistic in the report, in your opinion?

“It was interesting to see that on receptivity, online advertising continues to be less popular that more traditional advertising. This is typically because consumers expect a level of control in the online space, while online advertising may be perceived as more intrusive. One bright spot was Gen Z being more receptive to mobile video than what we saw in previous studies. This generation is growing up mobile, so their comfort and expectations are different compared with Gen X or Baby Boomers.”

digital marketing, marketingWhat are some of the first steps marketers can take toward better integration?

“A consistent use of cues goes a long way. We commonly see consistent use cues like logos, slogans and message, and marketers would be wise to explore cues that have more impact – including celebrities, characters and music.”

How can marketers improve their online targeting efforts?

“Personalization is key. Consumers are more than just their demographics suggest, and are most receptive to ads that are relevant to them and their interests so behavioral targeting done right can go a long way. That said, marketers should be careful of blunt retargeting tactics as well as excessive frequency—no one wants to feel like they’re being followed around the internet with an ad they’ve seen multiple times already.”

How can B2B marketers, in particular, improve their integration efforts?

“The lines between B2B and B2C marketing have blurred and have much in common – and in both cases, marketers are marketing to people. So, really, the principles apply – have a great idea, use cues, ensure each piece of content is amazing, use the relevant media and customize for each media choice.”

marketingAbout Bethany Gostanian

Bethany Gostanian is VP of Research at Kantar Millward Brown, with a background in social science and a keen interest in the emotional connection between consumers and brands. She successfully combines analytical expertise with quantitative and qualitative research experience, including digital and multi-media ad campaign effectiveness, brand and communication tracking, creative execution and copy testing, concept and product testing and consumer segmentation, to turn insights into actionable results and drive business for clients.

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