Maximizing Your Content: 5 Ideas for Repurposing Blog Posts

When your content is written, and the promotion is done, what do you do next? Many marketers simply move on to the next blog post or piece of content, letting the previous posts phase into obscurity (except for maybe an occasional tweet or Facebook post).

Instead of following this all to familiar path, I’d like to challenge you to repurpose your content into other formats, allowing it to have a longer shelf life, often with less overall work and manpower. Here are some of the areas where B2B marketers can repurpose their blog posts.

Translate Into Video

Video is one of the easiest methods to implement, since most laptops and tablets have HD cameras. While it’s also easy to spend a few thousand on a nice camera and white background in the corner of your office, consider recording a few videos in your own office space before investing in better technology.

Some of the ways you can translate blog posts into video is by taking heavy or key concepts from a post and explaining them in a video format. Or, if you blog readers had a lot of questions, many times it’s easier to answer this through a video then updating the blog post with the embedded video or uploading on YouTube and giving the commenters the link.

Maximizing Your Content: 5 Tips for Repurposing Your Blog Posts

Create Infographics

If you’re blog posts regularly have industry insights, unique data, or statistics, consider creating an infographic about the content. Infographics are a huge hit on social media (especially Pinterest, where it’s been found that taller images get pinned more) and are more likely to be shared on outside blogs or platforms because the visual format is easy to digest.

Besides using a graphic designer, consider using a service like that uses basic design builders with pre-designed formats.

Speak at Industry Events

Blog posts are a great way for B2B marketers to showcase their employees’ and company knowledge of their industry, so it makes sense that this content could be used for industry events.

If you publish an in-depth article, consider translating it into a presentation for an conference, trade show, networking meeting, or other industry event. This verbal format can allow you to explain key points more clearly with visible examples on corresponding slides. Plus, working from a blog post that is already written is often much easier than having to create a presentation from scratch.

Tie in Customer Feedback About Key Topics

Customer service logs or the support center of your website or company’s backend can continue a wealth of related insight, and vice versa. Use customer feedback to answer questions in content, or pull blog posts from your archives to answer commonly asked questions in the support queue.

By repurposing content that you’ve already written, it saves the customer service team. Likewise, using customer questions and feedback as fodder for blog posts saves your content creation team less time in brainstorming mode.

Republish in Customer Collateral

Maximizing Your Content: 5 Tips for Repurposing Your Blog Posts

If you have a lot of training materials for your clients, or you regularly publish brochures, journals, or even email newsletters, consider publishing your blog post in their pieces of content. Not only will it “beef up” the content by adding some non-self-promotional content, it will also help develop your brand as a thought leader in the space.

Many people enjoy receiving content from companies they’ve connected with online, especially if they respect them and value what they have to say. Republishing your blog posts in your other content offerings allows you to also spend less time coming up with more original content, as well as giving your current content a chance to be seen by a wider audience.

Final Thoughts

No matter how you repurpose your content: through infographics, support forums, email newsletters, or other mediums, consistently thinking about how your B2B content can go the extra mile will give your marketing team a break while also allowing your content to reach its highest visibility and readership.

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