Public Relations & Poker – How a Full House On the River Beat My Flush and Crushed My Dreams for 15 Seconds of Fame

Last night I played in a charity poker tournament sponsored by PR Newswire and organized by PRSA Boston.

The event was fun and I met lots of great PR folks in the Boston area.  Last year’s event helped raise enough money to allow PRSA Boston to raise its scholarship grant from $1,000 to $2,000.

It was also fun to watch the side action based on a friendly rivalry between Schwartz Communications and Racepoint Group (both PR firms located in Waltham, MA).

I fancied myself winning in the tournament actually as I dabble quite a lot in playing poker online. I don’t consider myself to be a pro of any sorts, but I do play poker online over the weekends and have won a few tournaments.

But, the fun and games ended for me when I placed 10th (out of 38 players), and lost my chance to win the grand prize – a 15-second spot on a digital billboard in Times Square!  How cool would it have been to have my winning smile flashed across Times Square, announcing my superior PR poker performance?  I’m sure I could have figured out how to get some PR mileage out of that.

My dreams of fame were crushed when Tim Whitman from Schwartz Communications pulled a full house on the river against my flush.  I hear that Tim finished 3rd last night.

There’s always next year…

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