Why You Should Reshare Your Social Media Content

Even if you have your B2B company’s social media strategy pretty much down (or even if you don’t), there’s always room for optimization, from when you schedule your messages to the call-to-action in each post.

One such area that can be optimized is your social media content resharing strategy. If you aren’t already resharing your existing social media posts, you should consider this technique of adding more content to your social streams as a viable way to add visibility, engagement, and user interest to your posts.

More Posts Mean More Visibility

The thought behind social media resharing is that the more content you are putting out (without overwhelming your audience), the more chances you get to gain brand visibility when your users are online.

There have been several studies done to determine when is the best time to share posts, but the most accurate findings are certainly when your audience is online, which will be different for each B2B organization. Take a look at your social media and website traffic stats to get a better view of when you should be sharing more content online.

Share Posts Users May Have Missed the First Time

Another reason why social media resharing is such a great idea for B2B companies is because by sharing a piece of content again, you are increasing the chances that a user who missed it the first time will see it again.

For content that is created to drive leads or increase engagement, this can be key to getting the most exposure possible for your content on social media, outside of boosting or advertising links to your content.

Less Time Spent Crafting and Curating Unique Content

While there will always be a need for the creation of unique, new content on a regular basis in any business marketing strategy, social resharing makes it a little bit easier to fill the gaps when you only have a few posts created for specific days.

It also makes it easier to reschedule several posts at once, so it’s only done periodically or weekly. As long as you are creating more unique content versus resharing what you have over and over, a healthy mix of new and old is perfect in social media.

This is especially the in channels where updates more fast, like Twitter. One reshared post for every three to four new ones is a healthy mix for most social media channels.

There are a few tools available now that strive to make social media resharing as easy as possible:


In Buffer’s options, you view the analytics of your sent posts, and use the option to re-buffer it (by mousing over the post in question), which adds it back to your sharing queue. Buffer builds up a social media sharing queue for your social networks, and the posts go out in order at the preset times you scheduled.

Why You Should Reshare Your Social Media Content

There’s a free version of Buffer, or a few paid membership levels that start at $10 per month.

Disclosure: I am a paying Buffer For Business customer and wasn’t asked by Buffer to mention them.


There’s another newer tool that is solely focused on resharing your existing content (as well as helping you find new content to share, something Buffer also does with its Suggestions feature).

Why You Should Reshare Your Social Media Content

There are currently two levels of membership for Edgar at $50 and $99 per month, respectively.

Disclosure: I’ve interviewed Edgar founder Laura Roeder for a SEJ Marketing Nerds podcast recently, but wasn’t asked or paid to include this mention.

Both of these tools make it as easy as possible to reshare your content. All that is needed from you and your marketing or social media department is to add it to your regular routine. Be sure to look at analytics in Buffer and Edgar (or whatever platform you’re using) to see how the reshared posts do. If they are posts leading to content on your own site, comparing traffic to those pages may also be helpful as well.

Have you been resharing your social media content? Let us know what’s worked and not worked via comments below.

Featured image via Pixabay. Screenshot taken 6/18/2015. Edgar logo taken from LKRmedia.com (Founder’s site).

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