Social Login: The Next Step in B2B Landing Page Optimization?

Lead generation is the most critical aspect of the B2B marketing initiative. We are constantly exploring ways to improve conversion rates for client landing pages through form field changes, layout and design enhancements, and offer/asset development.

Social Login Example
Example of the Gigaom Pro social login screen

As the use of social media platforms continues to increase, social login becomes functionality B2B marketers need to consider. Social login allows users to register and sign-in to a website by way of popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

According to data released by Gigya, users logged in to a social network spend 50 percent more time on a site. The data also concluded that users logged in with a social platform will view twice the number of pages compared to users with a standard login.

Not Just A Facebook Social Login

Facebook was responsible for the largest percentage of logins with 61 percent, but according to the Gigya infographic, “Although the majority of users choose Facebook as their preferred identity provider, online businesses should consider providing multiple social login options as nearly 40 percent of users prefer Yahoo!, Google, Twitter, or other identity provider.

The Janrain Social Login Study

Gigya is not the only vendor offering supporting survey data on this subject. As I wrote in my latest Search Engine Land column, Marketingsherpa highlighted a Social Identity study from Janrain, in coordination with research conducted by Blue Research.

  • 86% of respondents reported being bothered by the need to create new accounts at websites
  • 90% admitted to leaving a website if they couldn’t remember their login details rather than taking the time to recover their login information.
  • 41% would prefer social login over creating a new user account or using a guest account.
  • 77% responded that social login is “a good solution that should be offered”.

According to the Janrain website, customers using their social login solution have experienced 15-50% increase in registration and conversion rates. B2B marketers should consider how the impact of higher conversion rates may balance out the loss in specific form requirements.

In the same way search marketers might argue developing social media assets for all places their customers are active, it also makes sense to offer registration leveraging the same social media credentials.

Thoughts and Considerations for B2B Marketers

Gigya and Janrain survey data reveals social networking logins and plugins may have an impact in conversion rates and overall visitor engagement. Incorporating the ability to login or “enable” form registration though popular social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ could further prospect development as users interact through comments, shares, and registrations.

What are your thoughts on the use of a social login, in place of traditional form submissions? Even though B2B marketers would lose some control of form field requirements, the increase in conversion rates might outweigh this obstacle. In addition, there are accessible metrics that can be obtained in the social login process.

Would the metrics and data points accessible make this type of functionality even more likely to implement? I would love to read your thoughts and perspective via comments below.

The Gigya Infographic: Social Login and Social Plugins Increase Page Views / Time Spent On Site

Social Login and Social Plugins Increase Page Views / Time Spent On Site

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