Staying Caffeinated and Addicted to Diet Coke

This goes under the categories of silly, too much free time?, staying caffeinated, I drink too much Diet Coke, why haven’t I taken those cans in for redemption yet?, is this the best use of an intern’s time?, and does SEO really take a lot of time? (it does, and most people I know in the industry work late into the night)

The first thing I do every morning is go to the fridge and open up a Diet Coke. That’s my coffee. Another 4 to 6 cans a day is the norm.

For the past 2 years I’ve been meaning to take all of the Diet Coke cans out of the office. After procrastinating for so long, it just became a joke in the office that I had all of the cans piled up in my office.

Coke Pile - Unformatted

Showing this pile of cans to visitors in the office also produced a nice chuckle.

But, being good SEOs and online marketers, we figured we could do something with these incredibly valuable assets before cashing them in.

Drink Diet Coke

I’m not sure if spelling “KoMarketing” in Diet Coke cans was really the best way to use those empty containers of liquid gold, but it seemed like a decent enough idea.

It was fun anyway.

KoMarketing Associates

What do you do to stay awake and alert?

I know that my friend Jason from Vroom Foods would say use these gems…

Vroom Foods

“After several failed attempts to find a good SEO product, we were lucky enough to get introduced to KoMarketing. Derek and his team were able to clearly articulate an SEO strategy for our business. They worked closely with our developers to revamp our commerce site in a way that had minimal redesign impact, but big increases in organic visits and transactions. The team also did a fantastic job helping us measure results. I highly recommend KoMarketing to anyone looking for an SEO solution.”

— Kevin Bridges, Innovation Leader - Imagineer at Hallmark Cards

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