These Blog Posts Are Worth Pointing Out

Over the past year or so I have written roughly 30 blog posts.  Some have been better-written than others, and some have had more value than others (that’s blogging for you!).

There are some posts that I have written that I wish had received more exposure than they did.  I might have published them on a day of the week, or time of day, that was not optimal.  The titles of the posts might not have been as compelling as they could have been.  The right people in KoMarketing’s social networks might have seen them.  There are many reasons why the posts did not see the readership that I think they deserve.

Here are the posts that I wish more people had read, commented on, and shared:

Get Real With PPC Regional Targeting

Value:  The tips in this post will absolutely help you target your ads more effectively based the geography of your business.  The premise is simple – fill out your Negative Keywords lists with the names of states, cities, countries, etc. where your buyers should not be looking for you.  I even provided a clean list of states and their abbreviations for you to copy & paste!

20 Questions to Ask When Crafting PPC Ad Copy

Value:  Ask your clients, internal marketing department, product management team, sales team, and others the right questions, and you will come up with valuable PPC ad copy that attracts qualified buyers.

SEO Superhero – Breaking Through Marketing Silos

Value:  Search Marketers often find themselves in a “silo” where they are not getting the big marketing picture at a company, or where the Marketing, Sales, and Product teams are not getting as much value as they could from the Search Marketing efforts.  This post provides some very specific ideas for how all of the Marketing stakeholders can help each other.

7 Search Marketing Strategies for Manufacturers & Distributors

Value: This post did get some nice exposure on Search Engine Land.  But, I do think that more B2B marketers should take a look at these valuable ways to gain more exposure in search engines – Google Shopping, YouTube, Trade Shows, International Commerce, Local Search, Leverage Technical Support Content, and Integrate With eBay.

Here is an off-site byline article, published in Search Engine Land, that I think could have had more pick-up:

Do SEOs Really Need Direct Industry Experience To Be Effective?

This is an external article hosted on Search Engine Land

Value:  You may think that it is critical for an SEO agency to have past experience in your industry, but there are many reasons why this is not a necessary part of being successful.  In fact, search marketing professionals are often very valuable in helping a company see some things it might have overlooked in their online marketing efforts, and learn how their customers think when it comes to search.

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