To Follow, Or Not To Follow, That Is The Question.

The answer: NoFollow Free WordPress Plugin

This plug-in, developed by Michele Marcucci, is a great solution to the problem of giving good commenters with relevant comments (and links) some “link juice” while preventing spammers from taking advantage of it.

Here are some of the features of the plugin:

  • Remove No Follow from: Author Link, Registered Authors Link, Comment Text Links, and/or Registered Comment Text Links
  • Customize a prerequisite number of comments needed before no follow will be removed
  • Blocked words that will never have no follow removed (to prevent spamming)
  • Most importantly, it creates a positive cycle of events. There is more incentive for people to leave comments (followable links) and the blog becomes more interactive and conversational (isn’t that why you started the blog to begin with?). Commenter’s get link credit, your blog gets more quality comments. Everyone is a winner.

    Do you use this plugin? What advantages and disadvantages do you find through it’s use? We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

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