Small Conversion Actions Are Better Than No Conversion Actions

Small Conversion Actions are Better than No Conversion ActionsWhile researching keywords for a client, I came across an excellent resource (from one of their competitors) that performed well in organic search for a particular keyword opportunity. Based on competitive SEO research from SEMRush, I’m pretty certain the site receives a fair amount of organic traffic for its position.

However one critical issue arose in page evaluation: there was nothing left to do when I was finished reviewing the content marketing asset in question. With limited navigation and no easy-to-find action at the bottom of the page, it was too easy just to click away.

I wondered how many other searchers had a similar experience. Did other users also have a desire to “do more” only to lose interest because hitting the “back” button was simpler than using a clunky navigational stream?

The point is that every web page should have some form of “conversion action”, even if that conversion is as simple as driving greater engagement and interest in the organization.

Simple enhancements marketers can make to increase engagement on individual web pages:

  • Cross-links to related articles or site resources.
  • The ability to comment, rate or review the page or material.
  • Social sharing elements / user-sharing capability (email, bookmarking, etc).
  • Cross-links to related products and services.

However don’t take this recommendation to the other extreme. There are many reasons why content marketing assets should not incorporate a registration form (in fact, there may be very good reasons. Just don’t leave your visitors without a place to go when they finish consuming content you’ve invested time in developing.

In the end, getting more out of your web pages, even when it’s only a simple action designed to foster greater engagement, provides a better opportunity for creating the real conversions your business needs in the long run.

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