5 Traffic-Driving B2B Blog Topic Ideas

Don’t know what to write about when it comes to your B2B website’s blog? This is often a common problem for many bloggers and marketers in almost every industry. However, there are a few areas that any company is able to cover on their blog.

These topics not only provide variety for your blog’s content, but they also help facilitate in telling the story of your brand and why it stands out from the competition.

6 B2B Blog Topic Ideas


No matter what company you are in, there are bound to be testimonials for your company’s products or services. If you sell on an e-commerce site or a platform like Amazon, look regularly for helpful reviews and compile a blog post with them, keeping the theme to one product or service at a time.

If you don’t sell on or have an e-commerce that you can pull testimonials from, consider reaching out to some of your loyal customers and offer links to their websites or social media profiles in exchange for a review. To keep in line with fair business practices, be sure to emphasize that honest feedback is key. Even if you get harsh feedback from a customer that you thought would give you a great testimonial, take it to heart and use it as a learning experience.

If you only have a set number of products that you offer, consider only doing these posts once every 6-12 months, to ward off burnout or heavy repetition.


Every industry has news stories that come up daily, if not monthly. Try setting up free Google Alerts for common terms in your field, or use a site like SocialMention or Google News to see what is making the rounds on other news sites and social media.

Once you’ve found something interesting to cover, writing an original piece of content about it. It doesn’t have to be long—most news pieces work best if they get straight to the point, don’t bury the lead (lede), and have an insightful title. KoMarketing regularly writes B2B marketing industry news stories, which has helped drive traffic, educate clients, and make them a top resource for B2B news in Google News.

Case Studies

Case studies are a much longer form of the customer testimonial format, often focusing on the “story” of a client: what their problem was and how your company helped them fix it. As marketing expert Jeff Bullas points out, case studies as blog posts work well because they are niche specific, they highlight a common problem your target audience might have, and they display the process of working with you.

brainstorming B2B blog topic ideasA great case study includes an introduction to the business being written about, including their problem:

  • What do they need?
  • What are some of the struggles they’ve had in the past?

Next, it moves onto the solution provided by company writing the case study, including the process it sets into place:

  • How does this product or service solve the customer’s problem?
  • Why was this product/service chosen above any others, including the competitions’?
  • What is the process for implementing this solution?

Finally, the case study concludes with the customer’s results after the solution was implemented:

  • What were the specific increases or positive data statistics as a result of working with the service provider?
  • What are the customer’s goals moving forward?
  • How can these results apply to other companies?

An effective case study must be engaging, exciting, and relatable.

Company Events

Like news posts, posts on company events can be short and sweet. They are important to include in a B2B blog because they showcase the company’s culture, making readers feel like they know their employees better. This helps increase the trust and loyalty factor. Ideas for posts include annual parties, fundraisers, volunteering efforts, new office space, announcing promotions or new employees, and more.

Company event blog posts can also include photos of the actual event, which helps break up often content-heavy blogs, especially if the company is more technical in nature. Everyone needs a few photos to break up content once in a while, no matter how “serious” or important their industry’s content matter may be.

Thought Leader Pieces

brainstorming b2b blog topic ideasLong, thought leader pieces are the “main attraction” of many blogs. By interspersing short content like testimonials, company events, and news posts with longer ones like argumentative/educational posts and case studies, your B2B blog will have enough variety to keep audience interest.

Most long-form content is 600-2,000+ words, and should be informative and backed by external research or statistics. Argumentative posts should especially be backed by data and research, which can help strengthen any point or opinion.

These types of long posts are important because it further establishes the writer’s and the company’s credibility as a thought leader in the industry. This is especially the case when other competitors aren’t doing the same. If your team isn’t sure what to write, keep a running list of questions you have (or regularly get asked), industry changes that are complex or confusing, and deep topics that need to be written about more often in order to educate customers and colleagues.

In Conclusion

While not every blog post you write is probably going to get thousands of page views, keeping your B2B content diverse, informative, and engaging is the best way to create a blog worth reading.

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