Webinar: Making SEO Fun In a “Boring” B2B World

KoMarketing’s Director of Online Marketing Casie Gillette will be holding a free webinar with BrightTALK next Tuesday, October 16th at 3pm. The webinar will cover B2B SEO tips, including ways businesses can think outside the box and make their SEO efforts fun.

Session summary

“For many B2B companies, creating new content and thinking about link building can be daunting, especially if you don’t have a product people love to talk about. While this can make SEO challenging, the good news is there’s actually a lot your business can be doing.

This webinar will cover some tips & tricks on creating great content that your customers want, driving link building campaigns using assets you already have, and will show real examples of other companies out there making it happen.

Find out new ways to make your SEO campaign fun, even if you are in a boring world.”

Registration Info

Connect with Casie ahead of time on Twitter or Google+. Hope to see you there!

“KoMarketing takes PPC management to a completely different level of focus on performance and commitment to client business goals.”

— Chris Long, CMO, L-com Global Connectivity

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