What Does Wordle Say About YOU?

I came across this neat site – Wordle.net – when I was searching in Google Images for “word clouds” and “tag clouds” for a presentation.

The basic premise is that you can either enter a bunch of text or put in a URL that has an RSS feed, and Wordle will produce a great graphic of the essence of the text in a word/tag cloud.

What’s even cooler is that you can play around with the display and make a work of art – layout of the words & color scheme.  You can even submit your creation to a gallery to share with the world (optional).

What I also like about these Wordle creations is that you can look at the essence of what a particular site/blog is about.

The following are Wordles from KoMarketing Associates, Google AdWords Blog, The Economist’s Free Exchange Blog, Barack Obama’s Blog, Bill O’Reilly, and Lindsay Lohan.

These were all produced on December 18, 2008 (blog content changes so much that the “sentiments” expressed below may not be indicative of today or any other day).

KoMarketing Blog
Source: Wordle.net

What Does this Say About KoMarketing?

Pretty straightforward – we are people who search for SEO rankings and RESULTS.  We’re social too 🙂  I’m not sure what “stationery sets” has to do with us…

Google AdWords Blog
Source: Wordle.net

What Does this Say About Google AdWords?

The AdWords folks either have some important policies about alcohol, or they like to drink.

The Economist’s Free Exchange Blog
Source: Wordle.net

What Does this Say About The Economist?

The Government Gnomes are coming to cause economic destruction.

Barack Obama’s Blog
Source: Wordle.net

What Does this Say About Barack Obama?

Lots of people going to meetings about change.

Bill O’Reilly’s Blog
Source: Wordle.net

What Does this Say About Bill O’Reilly?

The world is a terribly depressing place.  I’m miserable.

Lindsay Lohan’s Blog
Source: Wordle.net

What Does this Say About Lindsay Lohan?

OMG! The paparazzi suck.  Everyone stop writing lies about me.  Samantha’s my “friend” and I enjoy being in her Ronosphere.  Hahahhahhahaha!

Here is the linked Wordle for KoMarketing that I submitted to the Gallery:

Link to KoMarketing SEO Image Wordle

Do you have a Wordle that says something about YOU?

“After several failed attempts to find a good SEO product, we were lucky enough to get introduced to KoMarketing. Derek and his team were able to clearly articulate an SEO strategy for our business. They worked closely with our developers to revamp our commerce site in a way that had minimal redesign impact, but big increases in organic visits and transactions. The team also did a fantastic job helping us measure results. I highly recommend KoMarketing to anyone looking for an SEO solution.”

— Kevin Bridges, Innovation Leader - Imagineer at Hallmark Cards

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