Why a Multichannel B2B Marketing Approach is Better Than a Single One

There are so many marketing strategies and channels available for B2B marketing companies today, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. It may be difficult at first to see how several different tactics could work together to achieve a cohesive online presence, but multichannel marketing has significant benefits for your organization.

Below are some of the top benefits, as well as specific tactics for implementing them.

Why a Multichannel B2B Marketing Approach is Better Than a Single One

Cross-Promotion of Campaigns

For each new campaign or product promotion, it’s important to be on several different platforms to increase exposure. Each platform has its own unique voice and allows for a different kind of visibility.

While we go into this in more detail in the next section, cross-promotion is more than just casting a wider net. It also shows a cohesive presence amongst every place your organization is online.

For instance, if a new product is solely  announced on the company’s blog, but not on Facebook or in an email campaign, it may confuse the customer. Because email and social media are a source of real-time news, not getting any updates on new products could make customers think that the product isn’t launching or isn’t relevant anymore.

You can prevent this by making sure any big company news or promotions are shared across all online platforms.

Reach Audience at Several Different Touchpoints

Multichannel marketing not only provides connected branding and appearance, it also ensures audience members are seeing your content on the platforms they use most. Additionally, by personalizing your messaging for each medium, you can appeal to the broadest audience.

Why a Multichannel B2B Marketing Approach is Better Than a Single OneFor example, using the same clip art for a blog post, on Twitter, and on Instagram isn’t always the best strategy. Instagram posts are usually very visually appealing and most are square (though you can now use any sized photo). In contrast, a horizontally-aligned photo that shows people may do better on Facebook.

By experimenting what works best for your audience on each platform, you can figure out how to reach more people.

Finally, effective frequency (the amount someone’s exposed to your brand message) is an average of six to twenty times before a customer makes a sale, no matter the industry. By having a presence across many platforms, you are increasing the likelihood of a sale.

Team Can Work at What They Are Best at

Most marketers aren’t amazing at every channel or strategy they have experience in. Many are great a several things, but often specialize in only one or two things. The same is likely for your marketing team. A multichannel approach allows marketing departments to separate responsibilities and focus on what they have an interest in.

By allowing this separation of duties to occur within teams, each channel gets its own expert, which can increase the likelihood of its success. To implement this in your own organization,  ask each team member what they love doing and have the most interest and experience in. Use this feedback to determine who is the best fit to oversee each area of your B2B marketing. This will lead to more engaged employees and better marketing for the organization.

Testing to Figure Out Best Options

Another benefit of a multi-faceted marketing presence is the ability to test out different content, designs, and promotions. Most platforms will respond differently to specific language or campaigns. According to Convince and Convert, “30% of people purchase to gain something, and 70% purchase to solve a problem.”

Depending on your offerings, shape your messaging to reflect how you are making your clients’ businesses better, whether it’s through solving a need or quenching a desire. Next, experiment through copy, content strategy, and design for each platform to see what works best. For instance, customers may click through more to informational articles on Facebook, versus clicking through to make a purchase from an email promoting a discount or sale.

Final Thoughts

Multichannel marketing has, as the name implies, multiple benefits. Whether you need to test what copy works best, or you are looking to reach customers at different touchpoints, having an online presence across several platforms is your best bet.

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