23% of B2B Marketers Still Developing an Intent Data Strategy

Intent data can be described as the information acquired from digital sources about a company’s behavior, as well as the way it consumes content. New research suggests that an increasing number of B2B marketers are utilizing intent data to gain an edge on the competition.

Intentsify, in tandem with Ascend2, recently published “The B2B Marketer’s State of Intent Data” report, and statistics showed that the majority of B2B marketers (46%) have an intent data strategy in place, and it is being measured and executed. However, 23% of B2B marketers say they are still just developing a strategy to use intent data, while 8% claimed they are looking into intent data solutions, meaning there is still work to be done.

Approximately 70% of intent data users state that their digital marketing strategy is “very successful.” This is compared to just 33% who said that they are not using intent data.

Finding Marketing Uses for Critical Data

Leveraging first-party data is another key to optimization. However, previous research shows that many marketers still struggle in this area.

MightyHive conducted “The Data Confident Marketer” report, and statistics showed that fewer than one in 20 marketers believe that they have tapped into at least 80% of their first-party data potential. Most claim that they have only used between 21% and 40% of their first-party data potential.

Most marketers (56%) claim that they are only “somewhat confident” in their first-party data delivering a strong ROI. About 3% said that they are “not very confident.”

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