Survey: Digital and Mobile Segments Poised for Substantial Growth

Digital and mobile business segments are expected to grow by leaps and bounds over the next two years, according to survey results reported in AdMedia Partners’ “22nd Annual Market Survey 2016.”

The data shows that nearly 75 percent of respondents expect digital to encompass more than 40 percent of their business within the next two years. This represents an area of substantial growth; currently, 46 percent of respondents report digital is 40 percent or more of their business.

Digital Portion of Business

Additionally, about two-thirds (63 percent) of respondents reported mobile as being 20 percent or less of their business. However, in two years’ time, 76 percent expect mobile to be more than 20 percent of their business.  Mobile Portion of Business

The survey included senior executives worldwide in advertising, marketing services, digital marketing, marketing technology, and media technology.

In looking at digital ad spend, marketers predict more than double-digit growth for some channels, including social, custom content/native advertising and mobile marketing. Spend on more mature channels, such as search advertising and online display, are expected to stay steady or increase only slightly.

Mobile’s Role in B2B Sales

Sixty percent of B2B marketers consider mobile a “crucial enabler” and conduit of their overall sales, according to Saleforce’s “2015 State of B2B Marketing Report.”

Additionally, 21 percent stated their revenue was directly linked to mobile marketing, making it a strong indicator at almost a quarter of all marketers polled. More than 85 percent of those surveyed find that loyalty, re-engagement, and mobile-exclusive deal campaigns are very effective, while the greatest majority uses mobile website/app traffic, lead generation, and conversion rate as a way to track mobile marketing success.

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