30% of Marketers Use Agile Methodology to Accomplish Daily Tasks

New research shows that marketers use multiple strategies to manage their daily tasks, and an increasing number are adopting agile methodologies.

A report published by Workfront has discovered that 40 percent of marketers use a combination of methodologies to handle all of their daily tasks. However, 30 percent are turning to an agile methodology, in particular, to accomplish their objectives.

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Agile methodology, or agile marketing, involves creating small goals that are designed to be achieved over a short amount of time. Thirty-two of respondents said that other departments within their organization currently use agile methodologies.

Overall, 41 percent of marketers are already using or are planning to implement it in the next four years.

“There is a huge opportunity for forward-thinking marketers to bring positive change to their organization through Agile methodologies,” said Joe Staples, chief marketing officer at Workfront. “Agile focuses on improving the speed, productivity, adaptability, and responsiveness of creative work.”

B2B Marketers Turn to Multiple Inbound Marketing Tactics

In addition to adopting agile methodologies to manage daily tasks and processes, B2B marketers are also using a wide variety of marketing tactics to drive results.

The “Inbound Marketing Effectiveness Benchmark Study Report” from Demand Metric and Act-On has revealed that 77 percent of B2B marketers use SEO to drive business, while 64 percent use blogging. Approximately 59 percent turn to social media, while 36 percent use pay-per-click.

Over the next year, 58 percent of B2B marketers intend to increase their investment in inbound marketing tactics as well. Nearly 35 percent stated that they will at least maintain the amount of their budget that goes toward inbound marketing in the future.

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