42% of Marketers Are Increasingly Optimistic for Digital Video

As more marketers turn to video content, new research shows that they are optimistic in seeing a return on their investment. The “Future of Digital Video” report from Trusted Media Brands has found that 42 percent of marketers have an increasing level of optimism for digital video advertising.

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According to the statistics, marketers are dedicating an average of 24 percent of their total budget to digital video. While 55 percent prefer to use video platforms, such as Vevo and YouTube, an even larger amount (65 percent) utilize social platforms, such as Snapchat and Facebook, for their digital video campaigns.

“Facebook made a bold move with in-stream video,” said Rich Sutton, chief revenue officer of Trusted Media Brands. “They followed that up with Facebook Live. It looks like they will overtake YouTube as the video advertising platform of choice.”

B2B Marketers Establish Goals for Video Content

B2B marketers made it a priority to invest in video content at the beginning of the year, according to previous research. A report from Regalix discovered that 84 percent of B2B marketers expected their video marketing budgets to increase over the course of 2016. Additionally 83 percent claimed that videos were effective in meeting their content marketing goals.

At the time, 91 percent of B2B marketers hoped that video marketing would help them increase brand awareness, and 68 percent wanted to accelerate lead generation. Approximately 66 percent hoped to establish themselves as thought leaders as a result of their video marketing efforts.

In terms of live video on websites such as Facebook, 39 percent of marketers said they would like to increase their use of it, according to research from Social Media Examiner.

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