79% of Marketers Believe Individualized Marketing is a High Priority

According to a new infographic from Teradata and Forbes Insights, 79 percent of today’s marketers believe individualized marketing is a high priority.

Furthermore, 43 percent believe they always fully deliver individualized customer experiences to all customers across every channel.

Individualized marketing is described as “the ability to build experiences with an individual on his or her channels of choice in a consistent, dynamic and engaging way.”

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“Mass personalization has failed. As consumers increasingly expect brands to deliver real-time, relevant messages, Individualized Marketing is becoming more important,” said David Panek, vice president of Global Marketing at Teradata. “This survey with Forbes Insights shows not only why individualized marketing matters but what is needed to achieve it. And the key drivers are marketing agility and connected interactions.”

About 72 percent of marketers said that they have successfully applied individualized marketing for customer retention and brand recognition. Approximately 32 percent leverage this form of marketing to connect one-on-one with their customers, and 59 percent utilize it to engage their clients and prospects.

Nearly three-quarters (69 percent) of respondents say that more than half of their digital marketing is comprised of connected interactions.

Personalization of Customer Experiences in 2016

At the beginning of the year, marketers were already focusing on fine-tuning the customer experience. The “2016 Digital Trends” report from Econsultancy and Adobe discovered that 22 percent of marketers considered optimizing the customer experience to be the most exciting opportunity of the year.

Personalization (31 percent), content optimization (29 percent) and social media management (25 percent) were all goals for marketers looking to provide unique customer experiences.

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