56% of B2B Marketers to Go Mostly or Entirely Digital Within the Decade

As more B2B marketers explore the benefits of emerging marketing technology (martech), new research indicates that they see their strategies becoming mostly digital or online-based within the next decade.

The American Marketing Association-New York recently published the “Future of Marketing” report for 2022, and statistics suggested that most B2B marketers (56%) see most or all of their efforts moving online or going digital within the next 10 years. This comes as more B2B marketers identify the benefits of martech, such as easier purchasing (92%) and time efficiency (89%).

In terms of the most favored martech, 92% of B2B marketers feel positively toward artificial intelligence-based assistants. About 83% favor personalized ad technology, while 82% lean toward omnichannel martech.

Marketers and the Growing Investment in Martech

As marketers begin to experience the advantages of leveraging solutions, such as artificial intelligence, previous research indicates that they intend to invest in more martech.

Clevertouch conducted “The State of Martech 2022” report, and data suggested that most marketers (69%) intend to purchase more martech platforms over the next year. Additionally, the majority of respondents (49%) stated that they intend to create a balance between acquiring new martech and integrating existing technology.

“Marketers are always on the look out for new and exciting tech to both improve the quality of their marketing, and make their work lives easier,” wrote the researchers behind the report.

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