57% of B2B Marketers Name New Account Acquisition as Top Objective

Spiceworks recently surveyed about 200 B2B marketers to determine what is most important to them in terms of key objectives. The majority (57 percent) claimed that their top goal this year is to influence revenue through new account acquisition. This is followed by increasing brand awareness (52 percent), influencing revenue by cross-selling/upselling existing accounts (39 percent) and aligning sales and marketing efforts (30 percent).

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When it comes to gauging their amount of success, the majority of B2B marketers (81 percent) said that they were looking at total site visits, as well as click-through rates (79 percent). Surprisingly, fewer marketers were tracking actual conversions or revenue metrics. Only 57 percent track total deals closed/won, and just 46 percent look at cost per conversion.

“Bottom line: many marketers stick with what they know and what they’re set up to measure – clicks and leads,” writes Dillon Nugent of Spiceworks. “It’s a lot harder to measure how much revenue you’re influencing via every digital marketing campaign.”

Original Research Helping Marketers Achieve Top Goals

When it comes to reaching their top objectives, such as influencing revenue, previous research suggests that marketers benefit from conducting original research.

Mantis Research in partnership with Buzzsumo recently published the “How Marketers Create and Publish Original Research in 2018” report. The majority of respondents (46 percent) claimed that their research had met the majority or all of their expectations. In addition, 92 percent said they intended to conduct original research again within the next 12 months.

Most respondents (74 percent) stated that they have benefited through the amount of website traffic they have received.

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