57% of Email Marketers Have Been At Least ‘Somewhat Successful’ with Strategies

New research shows that marketers have been somewhat successful at achieving their goals through email marketing, but data also suggests that they still face several challenges on a regular basis.

Ascend2 recently published the results of the “Email Marketing Effectiveness Survey,” and statistics showed that most marketers (57%) have been at least “somewhat successful” at achieving the top priorities of their email marketing strategy. These priorities include increasing sales revenue (59%), increasing leads generated (49%) and improving email engagement (39%).


However, some of the main goals for email marketers have been their top challenges. Improving email engagement (45%), increasing leads generated (43%) and increasing sales revenue (39%) have all been barriers to email marketing strategy success.

That being said, there is a silver lining for marketers – the majority of survey respondents (53%) stated that they believe email marketing effectiveness is “increasing marginally.”

Video and Email Marketing Effectiveness

When it comes to email marketing, previous research shows that video content may be the key to finding success.

GetResponse conducted its “Email Marketing Benchmarks” report, and statistics showed that emails with YouTube videos had a 29.60% open rate, as well as a 6.62% click-through rate. Emails that had Vimeo videos had a 36.99% open rate and an 8.13% click-through rate. However, GetResponse Product Manager Mateusz Ruzik raises the point that not all email clients support video just yet.

““For now, the best workaround is to use an image (maybe even an animated GIF) that looks like a video player and links to your page,” Ruzik says. “That way, you’ll boost your click-throughs and enhance your contacts’ experience – as they’ll watch the content in their default browser or video player.”

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