60% Find Designing Effective Customer Experience Very Important for Competitive Advantage

Many marketers already know the importance of designing an effective customer experience to edge out the competition. However, new research indicates that the majority are still fraught with challenges in this area.

Ascend2 recently published the “Customer Experience Design Survey Summary Report,” and statistics showed that the majority of marketers (60%) consider it “very important” to design an effective customer experience to gain a competitive advantage. Approximately 33% consider it at least “somewhat important.”

That being said, most marketers (42%) said they still struggle with a lack of time and resources to execute their goals in regards to designing a strategy to improve customer experience. About 37% say they do not have the budget they need to achieve this goal, while 26% claimed that they have difficulty creating engaging content.

Marketing to Enhance the Customer Experience

As marketers look to design a more effective customer experience, previous research indicates that many of them already know that their target audience is seeking a more personalized experience during the buying process.

Merkle conducted “The State of Digital Transformation” report, and statistics showed that most marketers (80%) believe that their customers care a great deal about personalization. Nearly 17% said that they at least care about it a “moderate” amount.

Most marketers (34%) said that they have between three and four personalized channels to cater toward the customer experience, while 33% said they have between five or six channels personalized.

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