60 Percent of Internet Use Now on Mobile Devices

The Internet has officially gone mobile, according to a new report from comScore revealing that 60 percent of time online was spent on smartphones and tablets in May, up 10 percent from 2013.

comScore Media Metrix Report

More than 80 percent of that time was spent in apps, which accounts for over half percent of all digital media time.

Comscore, a digital metrics firm, analyzed the data of 10 digital media categories with at least 10 billion minutes of total engagement throughout the month, and the results are remarkable. Ninety-six percent of digital media time spent listening to the radio is done via mobile thanks to music services like Pandora, and 90 percent of map use is on phones and tablets as well, with Google Maps and Apple Maps as key players.

Other categories where this medium reigned include Instant Messengers like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp at 90 percent, games at 86 percent and social networking at 71 percent. Facebook accounted for about a quarter of all time spent on mobile in May.

comScore Media Metrix Report

Comscore’s Major Mobile Milestones report is just one of the many recent studies emphasizing the declining usage of PCs, and consumers’ overwhelming preference to use mobile for their digital information consumption but marketers may not be reacting as quickly as they should when it pertains to advertising strategy.

It’s clear that mobile usage is a tidal wave that’s completely transformed the way we consume digital content, particularly in just the past year or two. And we know that as eyeballs move to mobile, ad dollars will eventually have to follow suit,” the report stated. “But this transition will be bumpy if the ad measurement and monetization infrastructure develops too slowly.

Despite digital ad spend increasing to about $7 billion in 2013, many brands are still expending their budget on pricy banner ads. Recent reports by eMarketer, BIA/Kelsey and IDC, as detailed in an article on Marketing Land all suggest that marketers could be getting better ROI advertising on smartphones and tablets, particularly now that apps account for the majority of mobile usage.

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