64% of B2B Marketers Still Faced with Budget and Resource Challenges

B2B marketers are working harder than ever to generate a return-on-investment, but new research shows that they are still faced with numerous challenges.

Fortella recently conducted the “State of B2B Marketing 2021” report, and statistics showed that B2B marketers are still faced with several obstacles as they look to achieve their revenue goals and marketing objectives. Budget and resources (64%) top the list as the biggest challenges they are stacked against as they attempt to establish an ROI.

This is followed by tracking/measurement (46%), data quality (42%) and talent/team (36%). It’s interesting to note that sales and marketing alignment (33%) also made the list, as this is one area that marketers have attempted to improve upon in the past.

B2B Marketers and Sales Alignment

Despite the initiatives in place to collaborate with sales, previous research suggests that this is an area that B2B marketers have needed to improve upon.

Altimeter published its “State of Digital Selling” report, and data indicated that just 32% of average B2B marketers successfully collaborate with sales to deliver the right content at the right time to convert leads. This was compared to 47% of the top-performing B2B marketers who said the same, suggesting that many are still falling short.

Just 36% of average B2B marketers claim that marketing, sales and service teams perform well together to provide sellers with real-time data intelligence on prospect activity.

“With other agencies, the tendency is to see a flurry of work initially, and then communication and accountability starts to fall off. Our KoMarketing account team is in contact with us almost daily – it’s like they’re sitting right here in our office. They’re truly an extension of our marketing team.”

Stephanie Weagle — Stephanie Weagle, VP of Marketing, Corero Network Security

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