64% of Marketers Have Only Been ‘Somewhat Successful’ with Marketing Automation

While many marketers have begun to leverage marketing automation to achieve their primary goals, new research suggests that not all are seeing success with it just yet.

Ascend2 recently published “The State of Marketing Automation 2022” report, and statistics suggested that the majority of marketers (64%) have only been “somewhat successful” thus far in terms of achieving their top objectives with marketing automation.

“Marketing automation is only as effective as the resources dedicated to utilizing and optimizing it to the fullest potential, and this isn’t easy work,” stated the researchers behind the report.

That being said, marketers are still acutely aware of the advantages of utilizing marketing automation. Most respondents (43%) claimed that it improves the customer experience, while 38% stated that it enables better use of staff time. Nearly 35% claimed that it results in better data and decision-making.

Leveraging Marketing Automation for Demand Generation

Most marketers have key objectives in mind when it comes to utilizing marketing automation, and previous research suggests that demand generation continues to be a top goal.

DemandGen conducted its “2022 Demand Generation Benchmark Survey,” and data indicated that most marketers (49%) are still using email to drive leads into their pipeline. However, the majority (39%) claim that they intend to use marketing automation at some point this year to accelerate their demand generation strategies.

On top of launching marketing automation, marketers will be focusing on social analytics (32%), account-based marketing (32%), and intent/signal data (31%) throughout the year.

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