65% of Marketers Now Confirm Influencer Collaborations are Paying Off

As marketers begin to explore the potential of influencer marketing, new research suggests that many are beginning to find that it is providing more benefits than initially expected.

Impact.com recently partnered with WARC to publish the “Aligning Marketers and Influencers” report, and statistics indicated that the majority of marketers (65%) now admit that influencer collaborations work for them more often than not. Approximately 12% said that it almost always works for them.­­

About 80% of marketers claim that influencer marketing pays off for them when the influencer develops content that showcases their organization. Most marketers (72%) measure the impact of influencer marketing with increased engagement, while 55% look to their rise in social media traffic.

For marketers, the majority (32%) claim that influencer marketing scores the highest for them when they see a boost in engagement.

The Growth of Social as a Marketing Channel

As influencer marketing continues to expand, previous research suggests that social media’s growth in importance as a channel may be related.

HubSpot published its “State of Inbound Marketing Trends” report, and data suggested that social media (44%) has become the top marketing channel in 2022. It is followed by website/blog (36%), email marketing (35%), and content marketing (32%). Additionally, most marketers said it has been their most effective channel for acquiring new customers as of late.

About 16% of respondents stated that social has been their top website traffic source as well, highlighting how frequently customers and prospects are using these platforms.

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