65% of Marketers Now Using Analytics to Measure Content Marketing ROI

As more marketers look to improve upon their content marketing strategies, new research indicates that data and analytics are playing a critical role in how they assess their existing return-on-investment (ROI).

Parse.ly recently published the “Content Matters: Martech Trends 2022 Report,” and statistics suggested the majority of companies (65%) that use content marketing as a part of their strategy are turning to analytics and business intelligence technology to determine its ROI. About 61% are now using some form of marketing automation, while 35% are utilizing personalization to achieve their objectives as well.

Generally speaking, most respondents (86%) stated that they are now utilizing analytics and business intelligence technology. About 74% are leveraging marketing automation tools, while 45% are turning to personalization.

Leveraging the Benefits of Visual Content Marketing Assets

Content marketing continues to be a mainstay for many organizations, and previous research has shed light on how visual content helped some survive Covid-19 pandemic challenges.

HubSpot teamed up with Venngage to conduct the “Marketing Statistics Report,” and data indicated that most marketers around the world (57%) turned to visual content marketing in 2020 as a direct result of the pandemic. In the U.S. alone, nearly 50% made this pivot to overcome their obstacles.

Moving forward, about 60% of organizations in the U.S. expect to rely more heavily on visual content as a part of their marketing strategy in 2022. The majority of respondents (33%) stated that they use infographics and illustrations.

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